Friday faves…spring break edition



1.) Game Nights–Apples to Apples is pretty funny. We are not huge board game people–but every once in awhile we can convince 6 people to gather around for a game. Every once in awhile… Let it be known, this makes the youngest two of our family VERY happy.

2.) Movie Nights–TopGun. So we had to introduce the kids to a classic in our time. And then we realized we needed to censor much more than we thought. My girls wanting to see movies because of the “guy” –well…I once again, can relate. Tom Cruise may or may not have been the reason I loved this movie so much when I was in high school…
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3.) Family Dinner Nights. Shopping with my girls also helped me to realize the effectiveness of shopping solo. By the time it was said and done, we were making P.F. Chang's in our own home. Steve commented "and think how much cheaper this is than going out". I'm not so sure.


4.) Building forts. Complete with a mattress out in the middle of a field.



5.) The Tiered Server from Mary & Martha is my new FAVE!! I am loving a place to put my fruit!



the birds are pumped!


Know what this means? The process of saying goodbye boots. It’s hard for me. It really is. But boots and 80 degrees feels funny to me. But so does March and flip flops. Oh the struggle! It is much like the same as it is as we step into October. How I love we get all of the seasons where we live…

As we walked early this morning you could hear the birds chirping and you know spring is in the air. Steve said “the birds are pumped!” And so am I. The ending of basketball is always the first sign of spring. And we LOVE it when the beginning of spring is extended a week because of a state basketball trip!! What an awesome week we had!


Awesome that these sophomores and freshman got a taste. You know what a taste of something sweet will do?



So spring is here. And I have a blank canvas to start the week…


Goodbye boots. Goodbye winter decor.
Hello spring!!

You’ll never forget.



Going to state. Not everyone gets this opportunity. It’s special. It’s exciting. It’s something these girls will always remember. I know. I haven’t forgotten. (I was the one on the bench literally praying I wouldn’t have to go in!!) Steve hasn’t forgotten. If you get to experience this–it is a big deal. And something the girls will talk about when their own kids are playing.


This town knows how to rally. How to get behind and support. It’s a pretty awesome thing to see.

Kourtney was pretty impressed and a bit jealous as we packed gift bags for her sisters.
I can not even say how much I love that these girls are there together. What a sweet, sweet gift. And for Kourt? She has an opportunity coming in just a few years. She could be going to state with her sister too. I would love to pack bags for sisters for the next 4 years. And after that? A brother and a sister!! 😉

Friday faves…


1.) These Ziploc bags. They are simply the best. And it’s all because of the easy green pulls at the top!


2.) unsweetened Honeycrisp applesauce. I think maybe this has been a fave before–it is THAT good. A perfect fruit for the lunchbox. I originally got them from Sam’s but have started having to order through Amazon. And I bought them all last time. We love them that much!!

3.) The weather on the way is so exciting!


4.) This was just great…


5.) The flat heads. Nothing like substate week to bring out school spirit in overdrive. I love it!!



6.) Prom. How in one short year did I go from pinning 8th grade recognition dresses to prom dresses?????


Happy Friday friends!~~~linking up with Andrea and friends!

let’s fill some baskets!



Easter is just a few weeks away. Do you know what’s going in your baskets?

Easter is my very favorite day to celebrate!! What an awesome gift of eternal life we have been given–such a celebration that Easter morning! Can you imagine finding the tomb empty? Knowing Jesus was now alive after mourning his brutal death?

I love to fill Easter baskets. I love to sing the Easter songs from Miss PattyCake when our kids were little—and thanks to our children’s ministry–I can still sing them to kids. 😉. The hope of new life all around as Spring is beginning to appear. Oh– I can hardly wait!


At Mary & Martha, we have some beautiful gifts for kiddos. Books, puzzles, magnets–all with the message of Jesus’ love. Amazing gifts that are meaningful…


Do you know how much my kids love Easter baskets? They do. What do you do for for your tweens, teens and college students? I have some really cool ideas!


Every daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and woman needs words from Holley Gerth in their lives. We’ve got you covered!




Karen Kingsbury has changed my Natalie’s life. An author she absolutely loves when I thought she would never learn the love of reading.

I would be very happy to help you fill some baskets! So much fun…

Peace offering Tuesday…(and your baking bacon tip!)



Between finding areas of trapezoids, gathering trash and cleaning out the litter box—not always the best combination for a GREAT start to the morning…


But a simple egg and bacon muffin makes it all better. And I finally figured out how to bake bacon perfectly!!! I have a struggle with bacon. It’s a mess to fry and microwave. And I’ve toyed around with baking but have not really ever mastered it. Until today. I was missing one very key step in the process.

Start with a COLD oven. As simple as that. Bake at 400 degrees until your desired crispness. And there’s my aha for today…