friday faves.


1.) Early morning road trips with these two.


An unexpected scheduled knee surgery along with sore throat and fever caused these two to miss their Monday morning ride to their youth conference in Kansas City. So after an all clear from the surgeon and a couple of days of rest–we took a road trip to KC for the Mennonite Youth Convention. From what I have seen and heard via texting, snapchat, etc–they are  having an awesome time! Road trips give you a deeper glimpse into what’s going on in their world…

Major topic of conversation this go around?


How did we get to this place? I’m not ready to even go their in my mind. But you better believe these girls are thinking about what the future holds in the next few years. (glad someone is!–ha!)

 2.) KU School of Nursing

In light of our conversation about college, I obviously was telling them about some of my own personal experiences. Especially when I passed Rainbow Blvd in downtown KC. The road I turned on to get to KU Medical Center. Some of the best times of my life and where one of the best decisions I’ve ever made was made.

So after dropping the girls off, I had to go take a trip down memory lane.


Oh the flood of memories. The nursing buildings are still named the same. It all looks eerily the same. Except they have beautiful hanging baskets along the walk leading to the school from the parking lot. And speaking of parking lots, we had quite a laugh about the time my car was honking due to a short in the middle of the day while I was at clinicals. I was called and could do nothing about it. So Steve, bless his heart, drove to help me out. Humiliation at it’s finest.

3.) The ending of harvest

harvest harvest2

We really don’t have a lot of commitments when it comes to wheat harvest. It is my family’s livelihood, yes. And it is a big passion of Steve’s, yes. The kids made it out a couple of night’s to get in on it. Nat managed to drive a combine. Just hobbling up into the cab was the biggest challenge.

4.) Spiral Curlers


With three girls (or four) in this house, we are always looking for fun ways to do hair. And these spiral curlers are awesome! It was a spur of the moment Jane buy and they actually work!! Kind of fun for something different.

5.) My planner and life changing sandals.

plannernew sanuk

I have a disturbing love and obsession for my Erin Condren planner. So much that I bought sandals to match it. I’m KIDDING! But these Sanuk sandals are the bomb. So stinkin’ comfy. And the coral does match my planner….

June Flash #2…did you say coffee?


Mary & Martha Flash sale number 2 is right around the corner. TOMORROW!!!


This is an amazing gift for the coffee lovers in your life!! Look at the value and look at what you’ll pay! WOO HOO!

{flash sales rock.}


Guessing these will sell out. Get them while you can!!

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The Teal Light Shades offer a unique way of adding ambience to your home. I would describe these as a “classic modern” design and color that works into every home. An easy way to add a bit of special to your room.


I really love this on top of our Jesus Loves You mirror—gorgeous!


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Stay tuned for what is to come…

Merry Christmas boys.


Grandpa gave the boys a fishing trip for Christmas, It was worth the wait–a guys trip, trailer sleeping, greasy burger joint eatin’, and fish catchin’–well, it might not get better than that… 

As you can see. Landon knows how to take a load off.

  He loves his dad. And knives. 

 and sleep.

  Now before anyone feels sorry for all the girls, Grandma has a trip planned too. It’s called shopping.


Online it is.



I have almost declared June officially the busiest month of the year. No matter which way I turn my calendar, I just can not squeeze one more thing in. Baseball, volleyball, basketball, camps, weekend trips, and a wedding to name a few. This is the month that makes summer seem to fly by!  And of course, we want to make time for some of this too…


And a little of this…

However, I don’t want anyone to miss out on THIS!!!


Orders happening daily so hit me up! And have a relaxing June! 😉

a new parking spot…


I’m one of those who when driving by the school, I check to see that the girls are there. All year they have used the same parking spot–so when I didn’t see their car, I kind of panicked–not really because they had left 20 minutes before, but I did for a second. Until I remembered–she is parking in JUNIOR parking. What on earth…