Wow.  If that isn’t one of the hardest concepts to deal with. 

But, as we all know–it is inevitable.  What I wouldn’t give for the metabolism I had just even 10 years, or even 5 years ago!  Steve hurt his MCL in his knee a few months ago.  And let me tell you, that has been a significant source of change for both of us, but especially him.  We love to work out together and this has definitely changed the way that looks.  He has to be careful and not go as hard.  Which, I have to admit was nice for a couple of months.  But now, we want to get back to where we were. 

My family has changed.  With each birth of our children, it changed the dynamics of what we had.  If you know me, babies and new life are part of who I am.  I have worked as a labor and delivery nurse for the last 16 years ( in the same place, do you think I avert change?)  HA!  Both Steve and I knew we wanted a big family.  We planned (for the most part) for each of our children.  We loved the anticipation of waiting to see if we were having a boy or girl, when labor would start, how much would this baby weigh, and loved dreaming of what God had in store for their little lives.  But with all of the excitement, came change.  Things were not going to be the same in our home.  I ached and cried the week before each baby was born because I couldn’t imagine sharing my love with another baby when I had others at home.  And of course, instead of dividing the love Steve and I already had, God multiplied it—x 4—when it was all said and done!!  Isn’t that amazing how that works?

So here we are.  We’re at it again.  Life is not staying the same.  There is change brewing in every corner of our lives.  Recently, we have made the decision to become part of a new church.  This didn’t come as an overnight decision.  In fact, as I look back, I know God has had his hand in this from several years ago, knowing that the time would come that we would be called to something new.  Because change is so hard, we resisted.  And I mean resisted.  We knew it was coming, but couldn’t let go of what was comfortable.  What will this do to our children?  What will this do to us?  These people are our family and have helped us raise our kids.  What will happen to our church?  Is the new church really going to happen?  Is this where we are supposed to be?  God answered with a very big resounding YES.  And so the very difficult decision has been made to help start a new church.  Exciting?  Yes!  Scary?  Yes!  Hard on our kids?  YES!  Hard on us?  Yes. 

If you read Jesus Calling, you already know that today is all about change.  This is where we are at.  In a world that is constantly changing.  There is a HUGE BUT, here.  Jesus NEVER changes.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  And he is with us always.  How comforting to know that God knows things will change in our lives and He is with us all the way.  And he promises, He will never leave our side.  What we knew of him before is what we know of him now, and what we know of him always. 


Look at the words printed on this bag pictured above…is that not an awesome blessing?!  And the verse, if you can see it says, “Be strong and let your heart take courage ” Psalm 27:14.   This awesome bag/purse is from Blessings Unlimited.   Another area of change in my life.  Another place where I initially resisted, what now I know God was calling me to be and to do.  I first became a consultant a couple of months ago, and it has been so amazing to share my faith through work.  In turn…it just doesn’t feel like work!  Still unsure of where God was leading with this, I showed up to the Blessings Unlimited National Conference at the tail end of our vacation.  For some reason, I took a leap of faith and signed up to go.  SO NOT LIKE ME!  I was nervous, I would know NO ONE, and Steve and the kids will be doing things together all day without me.  As we pulled up to the hotel where I was to meet the leader of my team, I was nervous.  Very nervous.  But that all quickly faded as I was welcomed by a hug from Sandra, Jill (leader and member of our team) AND this bag.  You see how God worked there?  Just exactly what I needed.  HE NEVER CHANGES.  HE is always with me.   So no matter what change he has in store for me, there is a place to find comfort.


Now to hold on to that truth today.  Because with tweens in the house, something is always changing.  Kind of hoping it may be their attitudes from yesterday…


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  1. I love your posts Steph! God is so going to bless you for stepping out in faith, and what a comfort that He never changes in this ever changing world we live in! ~Marie

  2. Great article, Steph! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Fear of the unknown holds me back from so many things, but especially from a closer relationship with God. I must choose to live with my heart wide open trusting God to deal with the hurt and rejection that might come with that.

  3. I, too, love your posts, Steph! They have really spoken to me. As you know, we have endured much change lately 😉 It is so comforting to know that God is with us with each step, with each change…and that HE will never leave us or change! Thanks for reminding me of this. Miss you!

    • Oh wow, girls. You have all blessed me! So good to hear from each of you. And Sommer, YES. You have endured a lot of change! That had to have been so challenging and probably still is. We miss you so much too! 🙂

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