Recipe Review!


Oh my goodness…do I have some reviews for you!  First of all, I must admit that I did not try everything myself.  I am going off of some very reliable sources.  And not always would that be the women at these gatherings!  {smile}  You know how it goes…do you really think they are going to tell me if something was really horrible?  Absolutely not.  So that’s when I bring in the troops.  The troops being—-my husband, my kiddos, and a good friend of mine who is one of my brutally honest critics.  So here you go.  I will try to link everything to the original recipe source.  And for those of you who know me well, you will be happy to know that The Pioneer Woman rocked it.  Surprised?  I am SO not surprised.  That woman makes some of the most delicious recipes.  And not very often do I find something I don’t love.  So, let’s get started. 

I had a yogurt bar for the sake of offering something for those who are health saavy.  The toppings were raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, a couple of different kinds of granola, and a pistachio/cashew mixture.  From those choices, you definitely could walk away feeling good about your decision.  THEN, you add this and you just threw it all out the window!  Well, that is not necessarily true.  When talking with some of my nursing friends we determined that this yogurt did provide great amounts of protein, calcium, probiotics, acidophilus, etc.  Seriously, do we really care?  NO.  This yogurt is amazing and provided much mouth happiness.  So therefore, a winner in my book.  It really is an amazing way to eat some of the creamiest yogurt you will ever find.  And that is all thanks to the heavy whipping cream, I am quite sure.  This will become a Blessings Brunch staple!  Thank PW!

The Bacon Egg Cups turned out surprisingly well!  As one reader commented on this recipe, it worked very well to pre-cook your bacon before lining the muffin tins.  They honestly DID pop right out of the muffin tins and looked like little muffins wrapped with bacon.  Now, there is no way on this earth I was trying these.  The only way I can eat eggs is in cake, cookies, ice cream…you get the idea.  But my kids loved them.  Definitely adding it to the breakfast rotation around here.  And if you like to do brunch?  These are a great way to provide a gluten free and carb free option for those that need it.  And super easy!

I have renamed this next recipe Blessings Brunch Punch and changed the recipe only by adding some all natural peach preserves instead of the peach nectar.  So now I can call it a new recipe, right?  Ha!  Honestly, I love this recipe for a brunch because it incorporates orange juice, which is just a comforting morning beverage, but adds so much more.  Will definitely be a keeper for our brunches and sounds like a wonderfully special drink for our Christmas morning tradition.  Thank you Pinterest

And now for the Blessings Dessert Bash—-desserts are just so fun to make and eat, aren’t they?   God did give us desserts for a reason.  I know He did!

Alright, you may have noticed that a couple of recipes overlapped because I had extra from the morning brunch and did not want to spend the rest of my week finishing off leftovers (well,  I do, but I refuse!)  This Orange Butter Cake recipe is one that I personally tried and really loved.  After assessing the rest of what I served for the dessert bash, I definitely think this is a BRUNCH option.  It just has that feel.  But, it’s easy and has few ingredients that I generally have on hand.  And I will definitely be stocking up on yellow cake mixes and vanilla pudding to be able to quickly throw this together for church, and other events I take coffeecakes to.   This recipe is from Tonya Ferguson, a girl who’s blog I read.  I love her.  She has four kids and an amazing story to share.  Check her out sometime if you are as addicted to blogs as I am. (which, by the way, I hope you are not.)

Another new and interesting recipe I tried was the Cheesecake Chinese Style.  I had some reservations about this, but yet it intrigued me enough to put it on the menu.  Steve was throwing a fit because you have to fry them and he thought it would make the house stink.  So he put out a bowl of vinegar to absorb the smell.  I found it along the bar with rest of the desserts.  HELP ME!  I love him.  Anyway, I liked these.  And heard good things about them.  The only problem is it’s best to make them shortly before you serve them so they are warm.  But, you can have them all rolled up and ready ahead of time.  So that’s a plus.  It really didn’t take that long to fry (thank you sweet Kassidy) and I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the smell.  Must have been the vinegar…

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownies are pretty much what you would expect.  Who doesn’t like peanut butter and chocolate?  It’s a great variation on a brownie mix.  So simple.

And finally, this will be it for today.  RECIPE OVERLOAD!  This drink is perfect for the Spring/Summer time.  I have renamed this Sparkling Punch and have made it for every gathering I’ve had.  It’s good, easy, and at least a couple of people ask me for the recipe each time.  As the temperatures get cooler, I will be fading this out to add in some “Autumn” type drinks.  But it has served me well through the last few months.

So there you have it.  Wouldn’t you know, my kids pretty much fended for themselves yesterday?  They grazed along the bar with everyone else.  And their favorite?  (besides the brownies)…  the yogurt bar.  Hey, at least I know they got some fruit and dairy in for the day.

And I will leave you with this, because these women–whether family, friends, neighbors, or new aquaintances who have now become friends who came to share with me, truly are blessings.  “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing.  Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.  Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise”.  Phillipians 4:8. 

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  1. Thank you, Tonya! I am downright giddy to see that you commented. 🙂 Wanted you to know I admire what you are doing with your blog so much, but am going to miss it the next few weeks! Blessings to you and your precious family…

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