The Tree made me do it.


Alright.  Picture this.  It’s very early Saturday morning and hovering around 58 degrees.  Absolutely beautiful as the sun is coming up.  I have on a SWEATSHIRT and am comfortable as Steve and I take our precious furry child for a jaunt around the park in front of our house.  When all of the sudden, I am stopped in my tracks by the sight of this gorgeous tree that is changing it’s leaves to a beautiful crimson red.  Sounds normal, right?  EXCEPT THAT IT IS AUGUST 18!!!???!!!  Can you even believe it?  Some trees are already beginning to change.  And we haven’t even started school yet.  There hasn’t even been a football game yet.  I haven’t even bought a can of pumpkin yet!

Which brings me to this answer to Steve’s million dollar question he gives me almost every Saturday…”so what are your plans for the day?”  Let me start by saying this.  I am not a huge fan of Saturdays.  I know, I know.  For many of you, you wake up Monday morning and race through your week to get to Saturday.  I think it stems from growing up (and my Mom and Dad are going to laugh at this) when Saturday’s were a day of cleaning.  Or at least, that’s what I was supposed to be doing.  Steve and I have kind of carried that tradition in to our marriage.  And I agree.  It’s a great day to catch up after a long week.  Laundry has piled up and things are just out of order.  And that is the very reason I do not like Saturdays.  So I have determined that my Saturday is going to be on Thursday or a Friday.  So I go IN to the weekend with a clean and orderly house.  HA…how many times does that happen?  Not near as many times as I’d like it to.  But it’s always a great goal!

So, in my head, the answer to Steve’s question was going to be to clean, do laundry, work outside, and do some paperwork.  That is until I saw that tree. 

Something began stirring inside me the minute that tree came in to view.  Pair that with the brisk temperature, my sweatshirt, and coffee on the front porch.  Well, let’s just say—bless Steve’s heart.  My answer was—“I’m going to need the ladder”.  This is about the absolute last thing Steve likes to hear on any day of the week, but especially on Saturday.  Steve’s face said it all.  He quickly came up with many, many tasks that were going to require him to be away  from our home.  Away from the ladder.  But that was just fine.  That tree had me at the first glimpse.  Today was the day.  Just because Labor Day weekend has always been how I’ve done this fall decorating thing in the past, will NOT dictate what I do.  In fact, I feel very empowered after hearing one of our ministers say that “doing things because that’s the way we have always done them is the VERY LAST reason to do them”.  Thank you, Pastor Howard.  So there you have it.  A Saturday that was still filled with loads of laundry and cleaning—but with a little more fun mixed in of transforming our summery home in to one that invites the new season of fall. 

Thank you tree.

  I now have much more time to clean on Labor Day Weekend.  Which judging from the looks of my kitchen counter in the picture above, I need to!


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  1. That is so awesome you have it up already!!! You would not believe how long it takes us to get things hung on walls. In fact, we have hung NOTHING in the basement and we’ve lived here over 3 years. YIKES! So glad you like it–I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

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