On May 31st, just a little more than 2 months ago, I made the decision to be a Blessings Unlimited consultant.  One of my passions is to create a home that Steve, the kids, and I want to be in.  It’s not always easy.  There are some days and even weeks when it feels as though my home is decorated in tennis shoes, flip flops, dog toys, LAUNDRY, and soon all of the papers from school will begin to find their place around the house.  That is an ongoing reality of a house that is lived in.  There are real people living here, and not all of them are TYPE A.  In fact, do I have anyone living here that is TYPE A????

Those things that clutter our lives are really a sign of life in our homes.  But, there is something to be said for things being in their place.  I love it.  I love a clean house.   And more than that, I love a house that spreads the message of Christ throughout.  And that’s what Dayspring and Blessings Unlimited offers.  Beautiful products laced with the saving love and power of Jesus Christ.  I am completely drawn to them.  So, for me to make the decision to sell something that I love, was relatively easy.  I am NOT a saleswoman by heart.  My heart is first of all a wife and mom, and definitely it is with the moms and babies I work with.  A labor and delivery nurse has been a dream of mine every since I can remember.  I am so blessed to have a career that I love.  So, why Blessings Unlimited?  I really can’t answer that.  Something prompted me to look in to the business in depth for a couple of months.  Which then led me to a blog of a wonderful woman, who is now my sponsor.  And, I just called her up one day.  Asked her questions, heard about the business plan and heart of the company.  And the next thing you know.  There I was. 

I will admit, it wasn’t something I wanted to go shout to the world.  I have never even hosted ANY type of direct sales party in my home before.  Isn’t that crazy?  So, now here I am going to people’s homes as a consultant.  And I LOVE it.  I really do.  I can’t believe how much I really do.  There was very minimal risk and so I wasn’t too hesitant.  I’d give it a try, and if it’s something I love, then great.  If not, no big deal.  I tried. 

Fast forward a few weeks to Steve and my decision to include the Blessings Unlimited National Conference in our vacation plans…talk about crazy.  So from Kansas to Chicago and then to Arkansas?  I think people thought we were losing it.  I think I even questioned if I had lost it.

Going to conference was amazing.  Many Christian women worshiping together, praying together, celebrating together, and just lifting each other up.  It was kind of the MOPS group that I’ve been missing ever since my kids graduated from MOPS and the last one entered school.  Still, as energizing and uplifting as it was, I still had some reservations of whether this was for me or not.  One day we toured the Dayspring office and had about a 30 minute bus ride to and from.  On the way home, I sat with my sponsor and got to know her better.  We talked about a lot of things, and like with most women once she realized I was a labor and delivery nurse, the personal labor stories began to flow.  From her deliveries, her daughter’s delivery, my birth stories, and more.  Of course, I could talk about labor and delivery all day.  So it was fun!

That afternoon at the conference, the directors and leadership of Blessings Unlimited had an exciting announcement to share.  Blessings Unlimited was going to be partnering with Compassion International.  Many of the Blessings consultants had been asking for ways to include a mission project with the business and ministry.  And they answered by a partnership with Compassion.  I was sitting there anxiously wanting to know more.  And then as they described what the mission was, I knew.  I knew that God had brought me to Blessings Unlimited for a reason.  I knew that I was sitting exactly where I should be.  I knew when Sandra, my sponsor, turned to me and said “and we are wondering why God would bring a labor and delivery nurse to Blessings Unlimited?”

The mission is ALL about women and babies, prenatal care, and helping to insure healthy pregnancies and deliveries.  You see, in the Dominican Republic, there are over 7 million children who do not live to see the age of 5.  Of those, 2 million do not live more than 24 hours.  Is that not unbelievable??  And what is more unbelievable is that we can prevent the deaths of these babies and children.  Through the Child Survival Program and donations from us, the sponsors, we are able to save lives and empower women to give their unborn children a chance for healthy development. 

This announcement and beautiful video of the Dayspring and Blessings staff and leaders who have already been to the Dominican Republic, well, let’s just say…the lump in my throat was so big, it was suffocating.  The tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn’t stop them.  I knew that God was affirming my decision to walk with Blessings Unlimited and help spread the word of God to others in as many ways as I know how.  And who knows?  Maybe someday I will get to go to the Dominican Republic and see the love of Jesus at work with these moms and babies.

It takes 47 sponsors that give $20/month to develop a center for this program.  Besides these beautiful products that I am in love with, I am even more in love with this mission.  It is my heart and my passion.  And I love that I work for a company who’s heart is to serve in this capacity.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, it is so, so simple.  And you get this awesome free t-shirt that I am loving also right now.

If you are looking for a way to serve and give and you feel that tug on your heart, check this out.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to get a whole center developed from right here in the heart of Kansas?  When you think about it, $20 a month is like going out to eat once, or NOT shopping in bulk for certain items.  {that was for myself!} 

(this is on the back of the shirt, the new logo)


This is an amazing video that does a WAY better job of explaining this mission.  I should have put it in the beginning before I started clicking away, huh!  I had the opportunity to meet many of the women who went on this trip.  And they are amazing.  Enjoy.

Blessings Unlimited Compassion Video.


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