Twenty Years.


“Hail Moundridge High, the echoes reply, victory to thee, oh worthy art thou of praise!  Let all rejoice, lift every voice, red and black for me, beloved is thy glorious name!  Moundridge High School,  Moundridge High school, Hail to thee Moundridge High alma mater.  Oh Moundridge High forever, our alma mater dear.  We crown thee Moundridge High school, the name we love to hear…”  (doesn’t this sound like a hymn???!!!)

I am not even attempting to finish the words to that song.  I should know it.  It’s been TWENTY YEARS!  And living in the town of my Alma Mater, I do get to hear this song at every sporting event we attend!  It’s REUNION WEEKEND!!!  Twenty Years…the Class of 1992.  And I say–how in the world can THAT be?

One of the “perks” of residing in your hometown is planning the reunions.  {yeah, right!}  I need to apologize to the Class of 1992 right this very instant.  I am not doing a very good job with this reunion planning.  I had such bigger dreams for this weekend.  BUT, somehow life got in the way.  I really have enjoyed reconnecting with people through facebook and planning events IS fun for me.  I just wish I had maybe started working on it, like…last year.  Needless to say, the weekend is here and it is what it is!  I am looking forward to it as we have one event planned on Saturday that I think will be really fun.  But that’s all I’m saying…

Anyway, I can not find my yearbook ANYWHERE.  I know I have it packed away somewhere.  In my search I did find Steve’s yearbook and a few other things that were quite interesting.  Like this beautiful sweater that I kept in my cedar chest for over 20 years.  This sweater was my very first gift I ever got from Steve.    Along with the sweater were the tiniest little notes that we passed back and forth to each other for a couple of years.  That was definitely the big thing when we were in school.  No texting!

Obviously, I was smitten.  I had my senior pictures taken in that sweater.  Drill team uniform?  Brown leather bomber jacket? It appears that I may have been nude in one–but I wasn’t.   And Mr. Begnoche (our band director) I know would be

so proud of me for taking that picture with my flute.  But, the one thing I can not figure out is why did I take a picture with a moon and stars? 

I do know that I was blessed to be raised in this small town.  And as much as I wanted to spread my wings somewhere else after I graduated, I know that we are doing the right thing raising our kids in this town also.  My kids have many of the same teachers that I did in one capacity or another.  I have gone to church with former teachers of mine and am so fortunate to call them “friends”.  In fact, I am even raising my kids alongside some of them. 

This is the place where we are to be, I know that now.  And in just a short 5 years from now, I’ll be posting pictures of Natalie as a senior.  Where are the kleenexes?


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