Friday Feature and a Fave.


Eating together as a family.  How does this EVEN work when your kids begin middle school sports?  And to think how challenging it is in with kids at this age, how in the world do you do it with one in high school AND middle school sports? 


Eating together has become a very cherished time at our house.  I know that right now during this fall season will probably be the easiest and most likely time to get us all around the table together.  Backing up 13 years ago, that is one thing I did take for granted.  What a sweet, precious time growing up your babies and having little pulling you away from eating together.  I have a sweet friend who moved to our community  a few years ago and gave me a dinner time conversation starter that has stuck with us for years.  It’s so funny, because Steve is the one who initiates this question to each of us “So, give me your high/low for the day”.  This opens up a ton of conversation!  And it also forces them to deal with the things that were fun or energizing to them, while also giving them a chance to vent their frustrations.  Steve and I are not excluded from telling about our day either.  It has been such a good thing…that is, when we are able to sit around the table to eat together.  Like last night, for instance?  “High/low” didn’t work so well sitting in the bleachers at the volleyball match.  Can you imagine?  And I’m pretty sure after that match, my daughters would have been inundated with a chronic low for the day.   Obviously, this week’s volleyball loss was clearly not as fun as last week’s volleyball win.  Wouldn’t that be nice if that were your only low for the day?  {smile}  Someday, they will understand.  But for now, it’s a big deal in the lives of these junior highers.

What can be such a low for my girls, is such a high for Steve and I to be able to watch both of them together on the court.  What an amazing gift we have been given!  Can you tell they are sisters?  Look how they’re standing.  HA!


I should clarify, that as much as Steve loves watching those girls, his high would have definitely been higher had they won.  Right, Steve?



Today I wanted to feature a Blessings Unlimited product that I just earned a few weeks ago.  My sister-in-law bought this at one of the very first gatherings and has been using it for a couple of months.  I have loved how she makes use of it everyday! 


For our family of 6, this lazy susan worked amazingly well for our ONE night this past week that we ate at home together with everyone present.  I am one of those people who doesn’t like to use things to their full potential.  Like with this lazy susan, my personality is to have it on my table because it looks good!  But, oh, this is so much more.  And I thank my sis-in-law for showing me how to use it in everyday life.  You get SO much more out of it.  For our dinner the other night, it held every dish that I served and each person around our table of 6 (I think 8 would work just as well) was able to turn it to get everything they needed on their plate.  It was so slick!  I put the dessert in the middle where it was harder to reach. I thought that was genius…HA! 


Handcrafted in India, the mango wood used for each Lazy Susan may vary from dark to light, making each piece truly unique.  A simple prayer is imprinted on the top–May our table be a place of plenty…a place to share…a place for love.  And joining with the prayer is this verse—The Lord surrounds His people both now and forevermore, Psalm 125:2.”


What an awesome promise as you gather with your family.  All of us are in different stages of life.  Maybe you are sitting down to eat together one time this week, like us.  Or maybe you are so fortunate to have every evening meal together.  Or, maybe it’s just you at your dinner table?  Or maybe there’s a specific day when family comes to eat with you.  Whatever it is, cherish your time around the dinner table.  Even when it’s met with lows from your day.  Because ultimately with all of the lows we have the opportunity to find the highs.  In fact, you could  be someone’s high that day.  You may not even know it.


(To see this Lazy Susan and other descriptions, look here.


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