Taking care of home.


We had an extremely busy weekend and I think we are all still trying to recover.  Ever have those?  Oh goodness.  It was ALL good.  Nothing to complain about, except that maybe we really didn’t get to sit down at our table together even one time.  Not even for breakfast.  Or, that we didn’t get to eat a Sunday dinner roast together (so the kids would say.)  If I am being honest here, Saturday night definitely COULD have been a great dinner time together.  COULD have being the operative word here.  Between soccer, volleyball, and football practices–then throw in a Blessings gathering, somewhere along the way I inadvertently forgot to take some meat out.  Isn’t that just the pits?  Everything revolves around the meat here.  If nothing is thawed, we go in to this tizzy.  I am totally to blame.  I had every opportunity to plan a meal.  We were home together in the evening.  It was gorgeous outside and perfect for grilling.  I had just gotten groceries and had a ton of stuff for an awesome salad, fresh fruit, etc.  I’m not sure how many times Steve looked at me and said “this sure would be a great night for grilling”.  OK!  I messed up.  And because we just bought some beef, I was not running to the grocery store to have some thawed meat that we could grill…not gonna do it.

Enter the cereal.  We were home together and had an opportunity and missed it.  Not that cereal can’t bring a family together—it can—generally done during the breakfast hour, but yes, it can.  Actually, the cereal worked without too much complaint.  In fact, Steve and  I were more  bummed than anyone at our lack of planning. 




This past weekend I was abundantly blessed with Blessings gatherings!  Say that 10 times fast!  In fact, September is filled with an amazing group of gracious hostesses and opportunities to spread my passion of Blessings Unlimited.  I am just giddy when I think about it.  My girls have also gotten excited and have eagerly taken a role in this new journey.  From stamping invites, to labeling catalogs, these kiddos have taken an active part in helping me.  And most of the time with smiles on their faces!  Each gathering I have I take one of my girls.  This has caused some significant grief and issues for a couple of them.  Both Kass and Kourtney love it.  So this weekend when they found out that two of the gatherings were with people they absolutely love and adore, well…let’s just say.  It was NOT pretty.  I have maintained that only ONE girl will go with me and that seems to be working.  They either take turns, or it will only work for one of them due to other activities.  So it has worked out for the most part.  Until this past weekend when the desire was so great for each to be at these gatherings.  Natalie was fine to omit herself from the fight and spend her Sunday afternoon vegged out in the basement.  Isn’t she precious?  Little did I know, that Blessings Unlimited would also be giving me opportunities to practice parenting!





Steve is extremely happy that Landon is satisfied with stamping invites and has no interest in joining me for gatherings.  As am I!  Landon was plum happy spending the majority of the weekend with his dad.  Each of the girls were given the opportunity to go to the Kansas State Fair with Steve after church on Sunday.  Each of the girls were contemplating what they should do.  This caused obvious turmoil in the heart of Kourt as she loves the fair and also had anticipated helping with the gathering in the afternoon.  Kass also struggled with her decision, but ultimately stayed home.  And Nat?  Well, the couch, remember?  So it ended up Landon had a “guys” day with Grandpa and Dad.  Earned him a cowboy hat that he didn’t want to take off for bed also.



Lately, with the start of school, activities beginning, church gearing up, work, and etc. it is important now more than ever to take care of home.   I know full well how GOOD things, even things that are doing Kingdom work, can be overwhelming.  No, I really don’t think it’s all that bad that we had cereal for supper.  Not at all.  In fact, I know there are kids and families in this world that would give anything to have cereal for supper.  But, I do think that I need to make sure I (we) am taking care of home.   I heard a good friend of mine talk about taking care of home in a different context and it really struck me and gave me such perspective.  Steve and I need to make sure we are doing the things we need to do.  Prioritizing.  I know that looks very different for each one of us.  It is individualized to what are passions are, what are mission is, what we believe in, and what our goals are.    We need to have things taken care of at home so when God calls us, we are filled up, ready and able.  So when opportunities are presented, we can jump on it!  Even if that means we are having cereal for supper…


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