cause for concern?


We were due for some significant deep cleaning around here.  Yesterday was the day I had blocked out to do this in my week, unless I had been called in to work the night before (which I was secretly hoping for…).   I only left the house to take the kids to school and pick the girls up from practice.  Otherwise, it was hard core!  It is always interesting at our house, anyway, what I find when going from room to room.  It also amazes me what I can overlook on a daily basis.  I am definitely living in C.H.A.O.S. (Can’t Have Anybody Over Syndrome)  Ever heard of that from Flylady?  I love her.  But anyway…

This day of cleaning brought me to a couple of conclusions. 

#1.)  Landon does not know how to change the toilet paper roll.  I honestly do not think anyone has ever taught him.  And I’m guessing it’s not ever been a concern for him, because somebody else ALWAYS does it for him.  Guess what he’s going to learn this weekend?

#2.)  The reason Landon’s clothes are all over his floor, his bathroom floor, and my bathroom floor is because his hamper is full of this:

(I don’t know why these pictures do this sometime?  And I’m too lazy to figure it out.)

But, this next item I found was rather disturbing, yet kind of funny.  Disturbing because…well, you’ll see.  And disturbing because it was done while he was in church with the little pew cards.  Yet, funny.  Because it was done in church with little pew cards. 

Do you see what that is a picture of?  He was kind enough to give a description.  “Kourtney in jale“.  Now you tell me…is this a cause for concern?  Apparently, Kourt and Landon were not getting along this particular Sunday morning.


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