thank you, beth.


This is what my house is looking like right at the moment…

I feel much like things are kind of starting to get out of control over here.  Honestly, I do not know where this week has gone.  It’s Thursday already!  Yikes.  Where is the brake?  In the past, Wednesdays were such awesome days for me at home, because technically, with church and youth activities in the evenings, I don’t need to make supper.  Which means that my kitchen can be and stay clean.  But, as you can see in the picture above, it did not get done this week.  Frustrating.  There really is no excuse besides the fact that I chose to do other things yesterday afternoon.  In the meantime, some Blessings orders I need to fill arrived.  So there is my front door and entrance to the house.  Welcoming, huh?!  I think it was just a week ago I was basking in the loveliness of a clean home.  Hmmm…

I started a Beth Moore bible study yesterday, and if you’ve ever done one, you know how awesome she is.  Her content, her delivery, everything.  I have not done one for a few years and I am so excited to get back in to it.  I NEED to get back in to it.  To have something intentional that drives me to get in the word. 

Of all the content we studied today, the one thing that grabbed me, shook me, and slapped me right in the face was this:  do only what blesses and not what burdens.  Oh my—I love this.  She was referencing how to use and spend your time with this particular bible study.  But for me, I think we can take that right into our daily life.  When, what, and how we choose to fill ourselves is so important.  I can look at my day, week, and month in my planner and ask that question of myself.  What am I doing that is blessing others and/or bringing blessings to others?  What am I doing that is bringing burdens?  Or burdening my family? 

We have the choice.  It’s ours.  Thank you, Beth, for that nugget today.


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