friday fave!


Yes!  It’s Friday.  And because it’s Friday and I’m on call waiting to be called in at any moment, and because my laundry is beckoning me (I am embarassed to say I’m not even sure what is clean and what is dirty, ever been there?), and because my house needs to be ready for a Blessings Gathering in 48 hours from now, I am going  to QUICKLY give you a FRIDAY FAVE! 

The last couple of weeks have just blown me away with meeting new people and sharing Blessings Unlimited.  It never ceases to amaze me how each gathering is beyond unique.  I would NEVER try to guess what product will touch the group of people who are gathering together.  It simply amazes me.  We are all created so differently—and it is so awesome to see how true that is in each and every gathering I have, and each and every person who attends.  It really is a beautiful thing! 

One of my favorite wedding gifts we received was this You are Special Today plate.  It’s something I’ve always displayed somewhere in my home and wasn’t used much before we had kids.  Sorry, Steve~I just assume you knew I thought you were special on your birthday.  Anyway, once the kiddos were born and able to understand, I started using this plate for special occasions, mainly birthdays.  My MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group had a special speaker one morning that completely inspired me.  She said that she uses her plate every single day!  What she did was look for the little things her kids, husband, or other family members did that showed being a light for Jesus in every day living.  For example, opening the door for someone, sharing toys, waking up with a good attitude, saying please and thank you, and the list could go on and on.  The dinner table would be set and one person would have this plate at their place.  How cool is that?!  I just fell in love with the idea of this.  Not only is she recognizing and lifting up her family, she is further fostering character traits and doing good through recognizing even the simplest things her children were doing.  I just have to think her kids were conciously beginning to think how they can bless others in what they say, do, and how they act each and every day.  I love the idea.  What a huge testimony of love she showed her family!

I have used this story many times in my gatherings because Blessings Unlimited has their own You are special plate.  Actually,  it is called a Celebration PlateYou can click here to see the product description in more detail.  I loved this plate from the first time I saw it, and for many of the girls at a gathering last week, they must have too!  I love sharing when something in particular touches people.  Many of these women were young moms and I pray they have many wonderful times blessing their families with the Celebration Plate.  Dinner time in their homes will be forever changed!

Now you tell me, who doesn’t want to hear…”You are special, loved, adored.  A gift from God, a sweet reward.  You smiles light up every day.  You bless the world–hip, hip, hooray!  You’re fun to be with, fun to love, a happy treat from God above.  So thankful He created you, let’s celebrate with much ado!” 

This is definitely a way to bring blessings  to your home!  (no pun intended…HA!)


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