There are many things I question that show my “age” to my children.  Their likes and preferences.  Like, why does Kourtney insist on wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt almost every single day–she is a little girl, darnit!?  Or why and how do moccasins look good with sports socks and shorts?  Why do we wear really short shorts some days, and then really long basketball shorts other days?  Why in the world would you wear spandex underneath your jeans?  Why in the world does Kassidy wear a sweatshirt when it’s 90 degrees outside?  And why in heavens name does Landon wear shorts when it’s 32 degrees outside?  I guess the bigger question here is why do you let them, Mom?

Steve and I were driving home from the volleyball games last night and from our very insightful conversation, I realized I was going to have to do a post on this.  There is one pressing question that I just can NOT wrap my mind around.  Socks.  Socks that are a specific brand name.  Socks that fit just right above in the mid-ankle area–not taller, not shorter.  Socks that are neon yellow.  Socks that have pink on them (Landon’s current fave and Steve’s current mental issue).  Socks that have the Nike swoosh in the front.  And the socks that have the Nike swoosh on the side.  Socks that are made for basketball.  Socks that are made for football.  To tell you the truth, they look exactly the same to me…but what do I know?  And then there are the socks that have the label R for right foot and L for left foot.  And heaven forbid you get two R’s folded together.  And did you know that some socks even have an M for medium when you fold it down on the inside?  A direct quote from my daughter “see Mom, it makes it really easy when you’re folding laundry.”  WHATEVER!


More than anything, I am amazed at how important socks have become.  We have celebrated two birthdays in the last week, and both kids asked for, you guessed it, socks.  It is becoming apparent to me that we FIRST choose our socksand then we figure out the rest of what we are wearing.  What?!


I am here to tell you all…socks USED to be what we thought of as a “cheap” fill your stockings, buy some extras, Christmas and/or birthday gift.  NOT. ANY. MORE.  Socks have become what shirts used to be.  So I guess, if that’s what you want for your birthday?  And that’s what you’re spending your $$ on?  It’s their decision.  But I still don’t get it.  The reality of this post is, that I know I am not alone in this whole socks ordeal.  If your kids are not in to socks yet, first of all, go give them a hug, and then mark it in your gratitude journal and bask in the gloriousness of not having to worry about socks.

Now, after editing this post, I am wondering…is this really how you spell SOCKS?


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