imageJust when I thought I knew where God was leading with the whole “be the light and shine the light”  He rocks my world with a challenge.  Yes, we are called to be the light.  We are called to shine Him.  We are challneged to be everything Matthew 5:16.  It’s become my theme verse…for me, for my kids–our family and the precious kids who come on Wednesday evenings.

But that not’s enough.  What?

Oh my goodness, was I ever convicted.  You can go around shining for God.  Yes, do it!  But we are called to an even greater purpose than that.  We are called not JUST to shine.  We are called to IGNITE the flames of others.  When we are shining our light, and making the way for others–it is good.  It’s really good.  But ultimately, we want to show others that they too, can shine the light of God and for God. 

Shining your light is just the beginning.  It is where you start.  Now, let’s get everyone going!  Ignite the flames of truth and love. 

There was just so much packed in to yesterday’s ONE sermon.  The last of the series which ended in a combined worship service of four churches in the community.  Over 1000 people worshipping together and coming together as ONE.  At this point, it was so overwhelming that all I can say is the “coming together” of four churches of different denominations, different styles of worship, and perhaps different theologies was more than powerful.

Yesterday morning, our pastor began his sermon with this whole challenge on being the light and shining.  The challenge to NOT stop with the shining but to IGNITE the flames of others so they too can shine.  “We are the ones striking the matches”. 


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  1. Yesterday morning was an awesome and inspiring message and yesterday evening was an incredible and inspiring experience as well! I am glad I was part of it!

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