forgetful listener.


I think Thursdays may become my moments of conviction, revelation, and motivation.  Not necessarily in the that order–and not necessarily all three of them each time. 

THIS time, I am convicted.  Studying the book of James in the bible is hard.  Hard because he (James) just tells it like it is.  Pretty easy to understand.  Straightforward.  Convicting. 

Convicting because I am so often touched by something.  So often, I find myself so inspired by what I have heard through a sermon or read in a bible study and completely overtaken with it.  But that’s where it ends.   Beth Moore just hit it on the head for me when she said “self-deception slithers in when we mistake appreciation for application OR being touched with being changed.”

These questions are just pressing me and leaving me with such challenges today.

*Am I still changing because of the word of God?

*When was the last time the scripture really CHANGED me?

*When is the last time I was NOT just a listener, but a DOER?

 I so DO NOT want to become a forgetful listener.  There is just too darn much at stake…


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