awww, that’s better.


It didn’t all happen on Friday…in fact, most happened on Saturday, but at least we are living IN THE SEASON!  The boots are calling my name.  Bring on the snow!


Just had to share because I do believe it’s a blogworthy recipe that is just so festive!  I LOVE festive.  It’s a beautiful orange Halloweenie color.  It’s fattening and sugar filled.  It might stick to your teeth.  I made it for our Sunday evening gathering AND the majority of it is in my belly right now.  It’s CANDY CORN POPCORN!  This was one recipe that I decided I’m just going to eat.  Forgetting about all things healthy related–and just eat it.  And I’m so glad I did.  And to ensure that I wouldn’t continue to eat it through the week—I just finished off the whole bowl.  Ever done that?  MERCY!


Very easy to make.  I think I tripled the recipe.  All you need to make it is POPCORN, CANDY CORN, BROWN SUGAR, SEASALT, and VANILLA.  How easy is that?  Click HERE  for the original recipe from the original blog.  It’s worth it this season, I promise.


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