believing you can.


Today is for my girls.  Because they both woke up so nervous for their last volleyball games as 7th and 8th grade graders.  It’s a beautiful day.  Exciting day.  And I want them to BELIEVE not only in themselves, but in each other, and as a team as they prepare for the ending of their season.  Both know that they HAVE to win to keep going.  Both know that they each have an important role on the team.  Both know they have to be leaders and encouraging no matter the outcome.  And I know, that it’s only a junior high league volleyball tournament…

But, this is preparing them for so much more in life.  So many BIG things that we wake up with stomachs in a tizzy for.  They don’t even have a clue, do they?  If ONLY, I could have the worries and stress of these girls.  There is no point in going there with them.  It won’t make sense, they won’t understand.  All they know is where they are at in their sweet little lives at. this. moment.  And I cherish that.  There should be no worry of tomorrow or what next year will bring.  We are in the here and now.  And focused on the task at hand.

The girls wanted to pull the tournament team together to get pumped up.  Getting pumped up is eating pizza, decorating cookies, and painting nails red and black.  Did you know that?  If nothing else, it brings girls together that have a common goal and now a common bond.  You forget about the pettiness of being in junior high and you FOCUS on lifting each other up for a purpose.  What a huge lesson to learn in life!  And now MY goal is to teach them to do this, even when there’s not a tournament at stake.  Even when you don’t WANT to pull people together.  Because this, my sweet girls, is what being the light is. 





I left the girls with such an awesome verse for our lives in general.  When you have something you want to attain, or are nervous about something, you can always draw from Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”.  Whether they “get it” or not, this verse does not mean they will win this tournament.  They may not even win the first match.  BUT, this verse does mean that they will be able to get through this tournament no matter what they outcome.  If they win it—well, this mom is going to be on top of the world!  If they lose the first round–we will all be disappointed, but we have the promise to know we will get through it and reflect and find the successes of their season.  Easier said than done, I know.  We’re praying for them to do their best and win it!  Just like the many, many things they are soon to encounter in their lives, we aren’t promised victory in every circumstance.  Victory is only promised through Jesus.  Which is a WAY bigger thing than a volleyball tournament.

So anyway, with that I say…GO WILDCATS!!  We believe you can do it.


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