a daddy’s lap…


Sometimes, you just need your Daddy’s lap…


Sometimes things just seem so unfair, and all you can do is cry.  Sometimes things just don’t turn out how you want them to, even though you prayed and prayed!  Sometimes you feel like you are giving your all, and your all just isn’t good enough.  Ever been there?


Who has figured out that we didn’t make it past the first round in the volleyball tournament yesterday?  Maybe the hardest part is it being Natalie’s 8th grade year—she wanted to go out with at least one win yesterday.  I heard over and over “I just didn’t want it to end like that”.  And for Kass?  Saying you’ve got next year is not comforting.


So what’s a mom and dad to say?  Nothing.  That’s right.  Not a word.  Let them vent.  Let them feel all of the emotions and let them be irrational.  Because tomorrow is a new day.  And that’s when perspective peers in through the window.


And just like my girls find comfort in their daddy’s lap, I have to think how God is opening His arms wide for us all to crawl on up when we are needing to be comforted.  For some of us, we run to God in every circumstance, begging for him to hold us.  And others of us, we don’t think of him until all else fails.  And for those that don’t know him?  It’s not even an option to run to His arms…


I found it so interesting in the kids’ devotion book for yesterday, which I read on my own in the evening and plan to read this morning to the kids as it is SO RELEVANT…  It is titled I am Your Comfort.  One particular line is this:  I wrap you in My arms so that you are protected from the kicks and punches of this world.  Wow.  Personally, I think losing the first round of a league volleyball tourney is more like a little tap.  But I know it does feel like a punch for them.  Further on in the devotion it says I comfort you, and then I bless you with the ability to comfort others.  I am the God who can bring good out of all things. 


Finding comfort in a daddy’s lap takes on new meaning through this, doesn’t it?


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