meet my new fave…


When I go to bed thinking about something and then waking up thinking about it, well—I’ve got to share.  You will now know how deep my thoughts are.  Ha!

I had a gathering yesterday evening with people I didn’t really know.  I have made a very sweet new friend who loved the Blessings Unlimited products and wanted to host a gathering!  Yay!  I love it when that happens.  This girl is bubbly and has a very attrac!tive personality.  AND—she makes a mean Spiced Pumpkin Latte, my friends.  IN THE CROCKPOT!  Um, yes.  I fell in love with the drink AND it is going to become my new fave to serve to friends during this fall season.  Yummo, is all I can say.  Bringing it in to the hot drink lineup at my future gatherings in the next few weeks!  Thanks Jenny!  She apparently uses Pinterest like I do–and found the recipe there.  Click HERE to see for yourself.  I met Jenny through Marie, another sweet friend of mine whom I love.  And both of those girls had gatherings introducing me to so many more sweet people!  And the majority of them belong to the church we are attending…how awesome is that?  Thank you girls for blessing me hugely!

So, knowing that my life centers around food—I go to bed thinking it and wake up thinking about it… may explain some things?  I woke up today to TWO little stinkers that thought 5:30 AM is an acceptable and normal time to be waking up on a Saturday.  Seriously?  I quickly told them that I don’t make breakfast before 8:00 on Saturdays—and Landon replies “you don’t make breakfast ever, do you?”  This is what I live with people. 
image(Steve took these pictures today around 6:00 AM.  I never see smiles like this on school days at this same time.  Hmm.)

Landon’s last flag football game is today.  How much fun this has been for him!  He plays with two of his best friends.  At their last practice, they played agains the “Dads”–enter…GLORY DAYS for Steve Kaufman.  I was sad to have missed it, but thankfully got a couple of pictures.

Have a blessed weekend.  I already know ours is going by way too fast.  Even at waking up at 5:30.  Trying to squeeze as much in to the weekend as possible, I guess?

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