and he got it.



I saw this BEAUTIFUL pillow skip across my computer screen one day as I was looking at the Dayspring specials.  (by now, you all know my deep love for Dayspring and Blessings Unlimited, right?)  If you have read this blog before, you know that I am also deeply in love with my let your light shine wall hanging.  I am beyond love for this message and challenge for myself and family every day.  So when I saw that pillow, my jaw dropped.  How perfect for my couch!  I immediately emailed the link to Steve and said “LOOK AT THIS PILLOW!”  I never in my wildest dreams thought he would go any further with that.  It’s really not like him to pick up on my “subtle” hints and follow through.  I could go on and on about Steve and what he means to me, but he already knows that.  And probably not a lot of benefit for others unless you want something to gag about!  So with that, I must tell you that spontaneity is not his thing.  Catching on to hints really isn’t his thing either.  So early Sunday morning (when we celebrated Natalie’s birthday at breakfast–yes, that is how crazy that day was) Steve surprised me like no other, when he gave me that pillow.  He was a tad concerned at how expensive a pillow can be.  Honestly, I would have waited until it went on sale…but hey!  Whatever!  It is beautiful and sitting on my couch right now in all of it’s loveliness.  Thank you, my sweet Steve.  I love it.

As wonderful as that pillow is, nothing can rival fourteen years ago when I was given(and had to work hard for!) the most perfect birthday gift.  My first baby girl, all of 5 lbs 15 oz. was born on my birthday.  Natalie Janelle absolutely lit up my life and at that very moment, I knew that a mommy was who I was created to be.  This girl was the first grandbaby on all sides and absolutely so loved.  And absolutely SO spoiled.  So precious, though.  And so needed a sibling as quickly as possible to give her a bit of perspective and reality.  And so at the ripe old age of 17 months, Natalie became a big sister.  Little did she know how her life was about to change.  Natalie was the one who taught us how to be parents—God knew that she would be perfect for our parenting orientation, bless her heart.  And oh how easy those times seemed to have been as we are just beginning our orientation of a 14 year old!   

The first child this year who did not get socks for a birthday gift, but instead Justin Bieber perfume, mascara, eyeshadow, lip gloss, and sweat pants for basketball season.  Oh yes.  She is her mother’s daughter besides sharing a birthdate.  And excited because she has actually surpassed me in height.  Not a huge accomplishment considering I am not the tallest person anyway.  But it has given her great satisfaction! 




Nat is our one child who rarely has a cake on her birthday.  Instead she always asks for Cream Cheese Bread which her grandma thankfully makes for her each year!  Check out the recipe HERE.  It’s a good one!  Since our day was crazy, we had an early Sunday morning birthday celebration before church.  Got to say, we’ve never done that one before!  Besides the Cream Cheese Bread, I made a Creamy Sausage with Biscuits Casserole. (click HERE for recipe)  It looked a bit interesting as if to wonder if it was done or not, but I got a thumbs-up from everyone!  Thank you, Pinterest! 

Why is it on a birthday you feel that you can eat or do whatever you want?  Do you see this candy in this picture?  Well, the bags are empty now.  And I’m afraid I would be mostly to blame.  I’m sure the scale will have a wonderful birthday greeting for me as well…



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