Have you ever wanted something so bad that it was all you thought about?  It becomes your focus and everything you do revolves around this one desire?  Too many times has this overtaken me.

God has definitely placed some amazing people in my life the last few months that I never even knew existed.  I find that completely amazing.  Whether I’ve met them through Blessings Unlimited, church, or gatherings–I can honestly say, I have been blessed by someone new in my life almost weekly.  So easy to take this for granted.  What a gift I have right before my eyes!  And the people who have been with me along the way?  No words.  I am blessed.

Every once in awhile, I know someone is there for a reason.  It’s like God picked them up and placed them right there in front of me.  Sometimes, I hear people speak such strong truth to me, that I know it comes from nowhere other than Him.  As was the case this week.

Surrender.  How hard is it to surrender everything you have, everything you are, and everything you hope for and hope to be?  How hard is it to lay it all down?  For me, it is HARD. So often it feels like a tug of war, doesn’t it?  Working so hard for something, trying to do it on your own–when finally you surrender. 

This wise friend of mine told me “You have to realize you are not in control, regardless.  You will not make things happen.  God is asking you to surrender this to him.”  How true is that?  We are definitely not in control of anything when it comes right down to it.  That is not to say that we just sit back, kick our feet up, and watch life go by.  No.  We are called according to His purpose.  So our actions, our thoughts, our every decision should first glorify Him.  He is calling me (US!) in to relationship with him.  Because that is God’s desire. 

I am thinking that when THAT becomes my strongest desire?  Well, then I’ve finally got it.  There’s still a mighty work to be done.

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