betcha can’t guess.


Or maybe you can guess…especially if you know me at all, you can take a look at these pictures and probably get a good idea of what my evening plans are for today.  Or not? 

Here are a few hints:

*Hostess Gifts

*Booking Gifts

*Hostess Packets

*Sponsoring Packets




Do you know?  HA!  I get very excited for each Blessings Gathering and also VERY nervous.  Each time.  I don’t know what it is.  I guess it’s a good thing.  It happens to me at the hospital too.  I get very excited for each birth and also VERY nervous.  Part of it is my personality and it needs to be worked on—letting God take it.  And part of it, I think anyway, keeps me on my toes.  Especially as a labor and delivery nurse.  The time that I think “it’s no big deal” is the time that it is REALLY a big deal.  And I found that out, early on.  Like 16 years ago when I started.  And it has never left me.  Remember the SOMEBODY HELP ME! post?  MERCY!!

Each gathering is prayed for and over.  For the women who will be there, for God’s presence to be present in me and through me.  That all will be blessed.  Because I can NOT imagine going in to it without asking for God’s words to be mine.  Because I know that I can’t do it.  And the same goes for my patients at the hospital.  I can NOT imagine going in to take care of anyone without first praying that I am competent and show God through who I am.  This does not mean that each gathering is so out of this world, or that each patient has the best experience ever.  Not at all.  But for me, inviting God in these particular areas of my life is essential.  What would it be without Him? 

And now as I’m writing this, it has turned in to a comparison of my Blessings business and Labor and Delivery nursing.  What in the world?  That was not the intention.  But pretty eye-opening for me!  Ok, sorry…I will get back on track–I just surprised myself!

For today, my mind is so centered on this gathering because it is my FURTHEST away ever.  I told this hostess (who I went to high school with–love her!) that she is going down in my Blessings Unlimited history with her gathering because of her location.  Come to think of it, I better come up with a gift for that.  Anyway, today I got out the book that I have kept near my bedside table for the last 4 months.  It is written by Holley Gerth –You’re Already Amazing.  I have read just excerpts today as I am looking for a devotion for tonight.  And was blown away by one of the pages I turned to.  Already, I know that I want to read this to my 3 girls.  In the written for part of the book it says:  For Amazing You and the God who made you that way.  I love it.  My thoughts are running from a bible study for moms and girls, or just girls, or just women—I don’t know?  But I think EVERY woman needs this book.  So I went to check on Dayspring and guess what?  They are on sale.  Click HERE if interested.

The one excerpt that just stopped me right in my coffee drinking tracks was this…

Holley starts with an imaginary conversation between herself and YOU.  She is asking herself over for coffee, because she has something to say to you.  And she says “It’s time you knew you’re amazing.

~You’re not only amazing

~You’re enough

~You’re beautiful

~You’re wanted

~You’re chosen

~You’re called

~You’ve got what it takes…not just to survive but to change the world.”

And she goes on to say, that YOU are probably wondering why these words are so hard to hear and you ask her “Who told you that?”

And she responds, “The only ONE who really knows–Someone who loves you”

Imagine not knowing God or to not have a relationship with Him.  And for those of us who know God, and know these truths, it is still hard to believe those words, isn’t it? 

Is there someone on your mind when you read this?  Is it you?  Is there someone you know that has distanced themselves from God or doesn’t know Him at all?  There is for me.  And I bet we all know someone who has a hard time believing those words written above.  And now how does God want to use me and you with this?

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