it’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTmas!


Today will be short and sweet.  Just like our weekend felt–and the kids even had a 3 day over here! 

Friday I had such an amazing time at a home of a friend of mine from high school.  She was interested in many of the items of Blessings Unlimited, and after talking back and forth (by facebook!) she decided to host a gathering in her home.  Let me tell you—this girl knows how to host!  One of the most unbelievable experiences at her gathering was her ability to bring God center.  Seriously, you could just feel the love of God radiate in the room and that is exemplified by her life–and all of the sweet words each guest had to say about how she (Jill) has blessed them in so many ways.
image(Jill was not oh so impressed that I took a picture!)


You will see in the pictures,  Jill is working away in the kitchen (with a K-State apron—I will not hold that against her!).  Her gathering was themed Soup, Sweets, and ShoppingIsn’t that the coolest?  She had about 15 women join her in her living room with their choice of 3 different soups, desserts too many to count, and other things.  It was truly a wonderful time and I hope we get to do it again!

Many of you have asked me now exactly what do you have to do if you host?  Hosting is as individual as each and everyone of us is.  That is the beauty of it!  We are all so unique and wonderfully made, right?   I have not had one gathering that has looked like another.  It can be as simple as coffee and sweets, a brunch with donuts, snacks, or an all out meal.  The gathering should be relaxing and fun for you—not something that stresses you out.  Because when it is all said and done, really–your guests are there because of YOU. 

I’m excited about the month of November because many of you are beginning to start Christmas shopping and some of you may even finish.  That is my goal.  To enjoy and embrace Thanksgiving and Christmas without the worry of getting my shopping done.  Think I can do it?  There are so many important things that I want to be fully present for in the upcoming weeks. 

And I want to help you out as well!  Have you been wondering about hosting a gathering and reaping the awesome hostess rewards?  Are you wanting a “one-stop shop” to find meaningful gifts for people you want to bless this year?  Are you going crazy thinking about doing any of this before the holidays?  I would love to offer my home to you.  I am in the process of finalizing my schedule for the upcoming weeks and know that after December 14th, I will not be able to schedule any more gatherings until January. 

December 14th is the magic day for shipment guaranteed by Christmas!  So, please also keep that in mind if you are wanting to place an order.  The earlier the better!  And you’ll be happy you did!


*****In order to get the ball rolling for booking in December, I am GIVING AWAY the Happy Birthday to the King platter shown above.  A $26 beautiful piece that in the very center is a hand-sketched picture of Baby Jesus in a manger, with a crown suspended above him.  I just love it.  And would love to give this away to my first booking for December.  Is it you?  Have you been wanting to book a gathering and are waiting for the right time?  My home is always offered for any gathering, so please don’t be afraid to ask.  In fact, I have a gathering here tomorrow evening which is why I have this displayed with a Christmas tree in my home right now.  (NO—I’m not decorated for Christmas…yet.)******

Please comment here, by email, or on facebook to be the first to get your gathering scheduled.  And who knows what other specials may be coming for booking in December?

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