the nurse curse.


Sign me up for Mother of the Year.  Actually, don’t.  Because I am very far from it. 

I’m hoping that many of my fellow nurse friends can relate to this.  And at the pediatrician’s office yesterday, I diagnosed myself.  The NURSE CURSE.  As soon as I walked in to the office and they looked at Landon’s chart and history, they said “Oh, wow!  He hasn’t been here for two years!”  Confirmation.  I am a mom who is also a nurse. 

Ninety-nine percent of me is overjoyed that my kids have not seen the doctor for the last two years.  And the other 1 percent was a tad bit embarrassed.  Like I have been a neglectful parent.  But I do know, that unless they have a chronic illness—a well-child check-up after the age of 5 is not necessary every year.  Dr. Jantz said so himself!!  And Dr. Jantz is my hero.  Seriously.

Landon was sick last Thursday with a low-grade temp (however, I didn’t take it to verify–other than the “mom test” on his forehead) and a yucky cough, and he was very weepy.  Much unlike him.  Didn’t want to get out of bed and even the promise of a football game in the evening couldn’t budge him.  So I knew he wasn’t doing well.  Fast forward to the weekend, he still had that yucky cough but no fever and he was eating AND excited about his basketball practice.  So, naturally I am thinking he just has a cold he’s trying to get over and “running it out of his system” will be good for him.  Which brings me to parent/teacher conferences the other night where more than one teacher said “Landon just doesn’t seem to be himself”.  That paired with him coming home and crying…well, I knew we were going to take a little trip. 

Deep wheezing in both lungs and an ear infection in one ear with the other ear on its way…

WAY TO GO MOM!!  I am awesome.  This is when you sit in the chair with your tail between your legs and think…yes, I have been blessed with the NURSE CURSE and my little boy has just suffered for it.  I am so sorry, my little buddy.  But after this inhaler 3 x a day and a powerful Z-Pack, you will be good as new.  And this written on Kourtney’s hand for the last couple of days, is bound to prove healthy results.  His littlest big sister absolutely loves him.

We can do all of this.  The “no running until cough is markedly better” is going to be a bit more difficult.  Maybe more than a bit!


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