up for the challenge…


I know of many, and have experienced myself when your devotional for the day just seems to speak right to your heart.  The words jump off the page and you wonder how in the world that author knew to write about this very thing for this very day.  How do you think that author knew?  I have an idea…

We all face challenges.  And sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in what we think is such a HUGE deal—when in the whole scheme of things, when it really comes right down to it, it has absolutely no eternal value.  We become consumed and believe the troubles in front of us could soon overtake us.  They shake our faith.  They rock relationships.  And then…years down the road, you look back?  It was nothing.  OR, it was God’s well laid out plan to take you to that place at that time.  And most likely?  You grew because of it. 

I had to share this picture of how Kourtney was helping us all face our challenges yesterday morning.  Can I tell you, our home goes in to extreme chaos when Steve is out of town.  I admire and am amazed by all of my friends who have spouses who travel…you are amazing, seriously!  And it never fails, when Steve is out of town, my week and the kids’ week is out of control busy.  Most of my commitments seems to fall during the time he is gone—no matter how hard I try to keep myself free.  Not sure how that happens?  It’s when I have to be somewhere early in the morning before school, that the challenge is the greatest.  My girls are pretty good about making sure everyone gets to the bus.  Especially Kassidy.  Natalie is generally using evey second of her time in the bathroom (you know, 14 year olds!).  So, in order for our day to go smoothly yesterday morning, I had a pow wow with all four.  I told them we are really going to have to work together to get out the door on time—you’ll be getting up earlier—and I’m going to need help.  My youngest two took this to heart.  They hopped out of bed and Landon was ready for school before 7:00 (this is rare.)  And bless Kourtney’s sweet heart, she made breakfast for everyone.  Complete with a note at each plate.  Natalie’s read:  “Natalie.  You have “to” pieces of bread and this is where you sit”.  It made my heart happy to start off my very challenging morning,and I knew I had to take a picture and remember this. 

I can get pretty wrapped up over here in my own little world.  I can think that ,man, I’ve got huge challenges to face today.  Whether it be a big test (yes, I’m done with that!!!), or when Steve travels, or helping my kids to be the person God wants them to be, or being the person God wants ME to be, or when my kids are sick, or when my plate is so full that I don’t even know how to begin to lift up my fork.   Each and every one of us has challenges.  Some pale in comparison to others.  Looking at what others have to face sometimes makes me feel so blessed and yet so ashamed for believing what I am facing is so difficult.  Perspective may be a good definition for that, huh? 

In my devotion (I read out of the Kids’ Jesus Calling book!) we are called to appreciate the hard times, because in those times is when your trust for the Lord is strengthened.  You realize in your deepest need who your deepest need really is.  This is written specifically for kids, but I do consider myself a kid for the most part!  And I think I understand God much better through a child’s perspective…hence my love for children’s ministry.  Look at these words Sarah Young writes for this devotional:

When you’re facing a tough time, think about these three things:  your relationship with ME (God), My (God’s) promises in the Bible, and past experiences of making it through hard times.  Remember that you and I together can handle anything.

I think that’s a pretty good way to face your challenges, don’t you?  I’m up for it.


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