blessings blocks.


I was going to post this on Friday, but got called in to work and could not get it done.  I was bummed, because I wanted to let everyone I know to pray for my sweet friend, Marie.  There was a reason she was on my heart–besides, the obvious.  On Thursday she sent me these precious pictures of how she used her Blessings Blocks that she earned as a reward at her gathering back in September.  I loved it–and wanted to show you all the many different ways you can use these Blessings Blocks—one of the most popular items since the birth of Blessings Unlimited six years ago.


The Blessings Blocksare part of a Hostess Exclusive pricing—which means that with a $400 gathering–the hostess can purchase these blocks for $10 (regularly priced at $44).  The coolest thing about these blocks, besides the hostess pricing, is that you can spell 13 different words with them, including:

Blessings, Welcome, Family, Shalom, Christmas, Gratitiude, Rejoice, Peace, Trust Him, Jesus, Faith, Hope, and Love.


If that isn’t awesome enough for you, just wait until you see how Marie used these.  Obviously, I am extremely partial to pregnant bellies.  That may be an understatement?  Marie has been facing some challenges with her pregnancy which has landed her on bedrest.  If you know Marie, bedrest does NOT fit in to her lifestyle.  She is a hardworking mommy of three kiddos.  That should tell you something right there, right? 



These pictures are just precious.  And if I had posted these pictures on Friday, my plea would have been for as many prayers as possible for Marie and this sweet baby she was carrying.  Now, as I post this, I am PRAISING God for the safe delivery of Marie’s miracle named Micah Lane. 

It was extra sweet, as I got to be at the hospital the night Micah was born.  Birth is a miracle in itself.  And this one was especially lifted up in prayer as Marie’s  pregnancy complication posed a risk to her and Micah.   Thank you, God, for the beautiful gift of Micah Lane.  Little did I know, that as Marie was on my heart (and in the blog!) that this would be the weekend she delivered. 

So those Blessings Blocks, you know?  It just happens to spell a 14th word…


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    • I woke up today so VERY thankful that you are not at home on bedrest waiting to go in to the hospital…God worked it all out, didn’t he? Hope you are feeling like a new person today! Blessings to you, sweet Marie.

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