love language.


Today I was hit over the head with a very obvious revelation of Kourtney’s love language.  Have you ever read the book The Five Love Languages of Kids?  I have the book and have referenced it many times.  And it’s so interesting.  I think we can all relate to how we receive love the best.  And what we need.  In fact, now that this is in the forefront of my mind, I am getting that book out again.  I am now wondering if I am showing love to each of my children in the way they receive it best?

Kourtney— the baby of the girls, and one of the two middle children.  Not yet old enough to jive well with the junior high girls, but getting out of that baby girl stage.  Loves her bro Landon, but she’s not a boy.  So if there are other boys for him to play with, she is generally out of luck.  Sometimes stuck in her own little world and trying to find her place—we know that Kourtney’s love language is Quality Time.  I would venture to say that this is a love language all of us need.  All of us need to know that those who love and care about us are willing to take time. 

BED HEAD!  (She’ll love me for this someday…)

Both Steve and I saw that so clearly today.  Of all kids, it is of utmost importance to Kourtney that we are involved in absolutely ANYTHING a parent can be involved with in school.  And we want to be, for all of our kids.  Sometimes, life is crazy and it is hard to carve out that time.  Kourtney’s class is doing the cutest little project of learning how to sell and make a profit.  A twist on math education, creativity, and working together.  Just too cool.  So today, there was an opportunity for us to come “shop” in the 4th grade class.  Of course, Steve and I were racing to get there.  I was supposed to be at work but was called off (hallelujah!!) and Steve, well you know—not always reliable with his job.  Thankfully, we both made it.  But not before Kourt sold out of her item.  And thankfully, the last of her items sold were to her aunt, which she graciously let Kourt keep for her Mom and Dad since she hadn’t saved one back. 

So clear to me.  Kourtney wants our time.  She needs our time.  She was there in tears because she thought she wouldn’t have one left for us.  Breaks my heart…

If Kourt is alongside either Steve or me, she will do anything asked of her.  She just wants to be with us.  How easy is that?  Very.   This fills her cup more than anything.

This has spurred me to think what she has been doing with us just this week, as it has been crazy—mommy guilt can just grab and shake me to the core.

**Putting up Christmas lights

**Helping Dad with the deer stand

**Back massages for dad (what in the world?!)

**Preparing food for Ladies Night

**Chopping wood

This post has made me realize that if I want to see her complete something, I need to work alongside her.  So hard to do when there a million things that need to be done, isn’t it? 

Quality Time.  Time for us to make it a priority.


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