decor with a discounted twist!


Oh my goodness people…the GOOSE is FAT.  Christmas is really almost here.  This week is the LAST week to order from Blessings Unlimited to guarantee your items are here for Christmas.  Mark it down!!  DECEMBER 14th—THIS FRIDAY.  I am more than happy to do your ordering for you OR you can check out my website.  I’ll  link through facebook—or if you don’t have facebook—email me:

I thought for today (Monday!) I would give you another Christmas special and give you a bit of decorating help as I have seen how all of these things work together—and they work together beautifully!  And decorating is SO much more fun if you can get it at a super price.  I’ve got the deal for you today!  But I can only do this once…so be ready.  Are you ready?

If you have not seen the Christmas Special flyer, it has some amazing deals with it already.  I am going to make it just a bit sweeter.  I have the Blessed Large Candlestick sitting here all boxed up ready to go to someone for half-price.  It is regularly priced at $39.  So you would receive this for $18–NO TAX and NO SHIPPING (on candlestick). Here is the catch…and it’s a good one, I promise because you’re going to want something to go with it, right? 

There are two items on the sale flyer (still available as I write!) that match this candlestick amazingly well. If you purchase either of these items off the Christmas Sale flyer, you can buy the Large Candlestick for just $18 to go with it.  And it get’s even better…IF you buy both of the Christmas Sale Items that go with it, you will also get a 12 pack of FREE Christmas cards.  

 The first is the LOVE MERCY CROSS.It is rustic looking just as the candlestick with the same browns and greens and metal embellishments. It measures 16″x22″.  It is a great size for hanging.  Take a look at the picture…

This cross is priced regularly at $58 but on the Christmas Sale for $29. HALF-OFF!!

The next item has been a very popular item even at it’s regular price of $79.  The IF YOU SEEK HIM WEATHERVANE is hand carved from distressed wood and metal with the same color tones as the other two products.  And this one—it is HUGE measuring at 14 1/2″x 24″ high with an almost 6″ base.  You won’t believe the price of this either…on sale for $28.

So, is this all clear as mud?  Buy all three you are saving 50% on two items, and 65% on the third—PLUS you are getting a set of FREE Christmas cards. 

Buy either one of those matching sale items (Weathervane or Cross) and get the Large Candlestick for $18. I

This is a ONE TIME deal for ONE customer.  First come, first serve.  If you love decorating in rustic greens and brown tones, you will love these items for your home.

And if you miss out on this deal?  There are more coming this week—SO FUN!

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