do over, please.


Alright.  So I have no idea what it’s like to grow up with a sister, let alone two.  I had a step-sister, who was MUCH younger and she was just cute.  Couldn’t wear my clothes because I was so much older, and never came in my room to bother me—and I probably wouldn’t have minded.  Because, you know…she was so darn cute!

My girls, on the other hand, I’m guessing don’t think the others are cute enough to get away with anything.  I’m guessing.  We are entering a time that I think is really amazing.  All of our shoe sizes are getting close enough that we can wear each other’s shoes, Kass and Kourt are finding that they can inter-change some of their clothing, and Nat and Kass have been doing it for awhile now.  And as cool and amazing as I think it is?  It has caused significant stress in the lives of the Kaufman girls who live on the corner.  Oh my goodness.

This morning, I had  had enough.  And by that I mean–I was ready to ground everyone and everything in my sight.  Steve is lucky he didn’t get his phone taken away.  I don’t know what it was, but I had it.  I am thankful for a husband who can step in and calm the storm.  Really, I am.  And really, he does.  But yet, at the same time, it is irritating to me.  Because I feel like I am right in the middle of the drama.  Which today?  Yes, I was.  And therefore, I declared a “DO-OVER” for us all.  Right there in the middle of our kitchen amongst the tears and smoke (from our ears, not the oven).  And there in the middle of it, I offered grace to which my youngest girls were most thankful.  I didn’t want to.  But I did. 

I am ever so thankful for the One who does offer grace.  And get this?  He wants to.  Because, God knows I need that right now.   And we get a “do-over” offered to us.  And sometimes a do-over and over and over and over…

I was frustrated because today I am coming off a very wonderful weekend with Steve and the kids. Steve finally made it home after being gone most of the week and we spent the majority of our weekend watching Landon play what he loves to play most.  After years of watching his older sisters, he finally was given an opportunity to play basketball in a tournament!  He was so pumped.  And it was precious to have the girls there cheering him on. 

This post took a different direction.  Like WHIPLASH.  But it is real life.  And it’s perspective.  And I am thankful for the fun opportunities and the challenging ones.  Because as we all know, when we grow up—life doesn’t get any easier, does it?  These little problems of sharing clothes?  They are nothing.  Especially when you find those who would love to be given a choice in what they get to wear.  Teaching that and realizing that myself is a hard reality.  Important though.

Just 12 hours before our “do-over” morning, we were all working together on some really fun treats.  Besides the Ladies Night at Steve’s work, there is a huge Christmas Open House to celebrate and appreciate their customers.  It’s a fun day to meet new people and share a fun atmosphere of yummy Christmas goodies.  I always enjoy it.  We try to have about 75 dozen cookies along with a cheese tray, crackers, apple cider, coffee, and a smoked sausage on a stick thing for this year.  I think the employees love it almost as much as the customers.  A half a day of snacking?  Bring it on! 

I have seen these little pretzel/rolo thingies before and have never tried one, until last week.  The kids in our Christmas program this year have been meeting at our house and after their hard work, wanted them to have a Christmas goodie.  So I tried them out on them.  And when everyone left, I had a couple.  And they are yummo!  And too easy. So easy and a super kid-helping-friendly recipe.  So here you go.  Not sure what the name of them are?  And there are many variations on this.  But this is what we did.


Christmas Pretzel Rolo Bites

Mini Christmas themed pretzels (I found ours at Sam’s)

Rolos (I got these at Sam’s—get the whole roll of rolos–then you don’t have to unwrap so many)

Christmas M&M’s–(plain or peanut will work)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Line your baking sheets with parchment paper (an important step!!!)

Place pretzels on baking sheet and top with a rolo.

Bake for 3-4 minutes (depends on oven—don’t let them look melted, they should still have shape)

While warm, top with an M&M.  Let cool.

Now, how simple is that?  To me they seem like a great way to cheat making Christmas candy.  It’s salty and sweet with crunchiness and chewiness all rolled into one.  And addicting!!!



We’ll see how they go over at the Open House!!  Disclaimer:  They may bring your family together, but not a guarantee to keep said family together 12 ours later.  Enter:  the “do-over”.

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