sweet sixteen.


What can happen in sixteen years, you ask? 

                                                                                                                                         * I had big hair in 1996.

*Steve had a lot of hair in 1996.

*I was working full-time evening shift in Hutch as a labor and delivery nurse.

*Steve was working in Hutch at Farmland.

*We ate out almost every weekend somewhere.

*We rarely worked out.

*I planted flowers and tried to landscape for the first time ever in my life.

*Steve tried to raise a bucket calf on his own.

*I said I would never marry a farmer.

*Steve started farming part-time.

*I was making $12 an hour.

*Steve was making about the same.

*We paid $300 a month for rent.

*And less than that on groceries for the month.

*We went to movies all of the time and rented at least a couple a weekend.

*We went to church every Sunday and started a young adult Sunday school class.

*Unless I was off of work, we rarely ate dinner together.

*Unless I was off of work, I rarely got up in the mornings before Steve left for work.

*Unless I was off of work, Steve rarely stayed awake until I went to bed.

*December 28th, 1996 was a beautiful 55 degree day with no wind and perfect for a horse and buggy wedding departure.

*We shopped at Towne East mall for after-Christmas sales on the 29th.


*36 months of pregnancy and 48 months of breastfeeding.  (you can imagine what that has done to a body.)

*Steve has changed jobs twice.

*I am still at the same hospital in labor and delivery, but working “as needed.  Added to that, I became a Blessings Unlimited consultant.

*Three girls and one boy now live in our home.

*Plus a dog (don’t ask me how I ever agreed to that.)  And two cats guard the exterior.

*We eat out on special occasions and if our crazy schedule does not allow us to be near home (and I don’t get lunches/suppers packed)

*Steve now works with farmers and has pretty much put his hobby farming aside

*Movies in theaters are seen MAYBE once a year, and we still rent them at home frequently.

*Steve has graduated from raising the bucket calves to a cow/calf operation with the kids. (sidenote:  the cows live at Grandpa’s.)

*We bought a house, remodeled and lived there for 10 years.  Sold it and dug a hole in Moundridge.  House sat for sweet church friends.  Invaded my parent’s home for 6 weeks, and moved in to a new house we built almost 4 years ago.

*Spend double the $300 on groceries per month.  (or more?)

*Went from driving super cool cars, to SUV’s, to a couple of different vans, and now back to a car and the necessary suburban.

*We rarely are not together each morning when the other wakes up.

*We rarely are not together each night when we go to bed.

*Working out and landscaping are fun things we love to do together.

*Still go to church each Sunday, and instead of starting a Sunday school class—we’re starting a church.

*December 28, 2012 is cold and appears to be a bit windy.  Wouldn’t be excited for a horse and buggy ride tonight.

*After Christmas shopping sales happened at Towne West mall.

A lot has happened in sixteen years.  And even more since the very first date I had with Steve Kaufman back in 1990 when we went to see the movie The Abyss. I apparently did not talk the entire date.  On the rare occasions we go out on a date–I think I may do a lot of talking now?

Steve and I have been through much together.  I lost a brother and a few years later, he lost a sister.  We have had many more good times than bad.  And for that I am grateful.  We have grown together in many ways and I am thankful to have had my best friend with me by my side for the last 22 years. 


Thinking back on our wedding day, I could not have imagined the life we are living now.  A house full of kids–the majority of them girls?  Never would have thought.  We are truly blessed.  And although most of my life I want to freeze time so I can embrace where we are at right this very minute, I am also excited to see what things look like in another sixteen years…


Will I still be at the same hospital working in labor and delivery?  Will Steve still be sportin’ the John Deere?  Will we still be living in this house we are raising our kids in now?  Will we have added to our family?  (not from Steve and I!!!!)  How many weddings will we have planned by then?  Will our kids have graduated from college?  Do they have jobs?  Are they living the life and using the gifts God has given them?  Just how broke are we going to be after weddings and college????  Are we going to look back at the last sixteen years and wonder how in the world these years flew by so fast?  I think so.  Ok, now I’m getting all choked up.  Time to grab my kiddos and love the stage we’re in.  Time to grab Steve and cherish an evening out.  And time to live each day to the fullest knowing how blessed we really are.

(sorry—the quality of pictures –well, not much quality.)

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  1. Life is so very precious – My Dad told me this morning as my Mom is so close to crossing into eternity (and after 58+ years of marriage), “I wish I had treasured every day more” You are doing a wonderful job of cherishing your relationships, they are all we can take with us.
    Enjoy each moment as much as you can —
    Matthew 6:21
    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

    Love you,

    PS – I know that I owe you some money – can you please let me know how much?? Bill loved his John Deere shirt and hats!!!

    • Oh Sandra, that breaks my heart. Will continue to pray for you and your family during this time.

      And you owe us nothing! Merry Christmas! Glad he liked his gift. Have a blessed rest of 2012. 🙂

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