Until I sat down and looked at these pictures, did I really realize how incredible it is to live among family and the many grandparents and great-grandparents my kids are blessed to know and love.

Steve and I have each lost a grandpa and I have lost step-grandparents.  Other than that, we have many who are still with us.  What a gift.


I don’t have pictures with all of them from the past week.  Some we haven’t even celebrated with yet…


This year on Steve’s side, we met at a bowling alley.  They catered Mexican food and then everyone bowled.  It was so fun!  A fun thing for the kids to keep busy, plenty of room, and no dishes!  Never would anyone have guessed this would be the way we would celebrate, but it was great.  Not the same.  Not traditional.  But good!




My grandparents are not able to host in their home, but they still live at home.  Something very important to them.  We all make sure we visit them on Christmas day.  I remember going there almost every Christmas and eating fried shrimp.  Precious memories.

I wonder what traditions will continue as our kids begin their families?  And then I wonder how hard it will be when we are not able to continue to do what we’ve always done.  Our grandparents have definitely showed that what really matters is the relationships you have.  They just want to see us.  To talk with us.  And to love us.  Even when there is no fried shrimp or if we meet in a bowling alley…

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