NO ho hum over here!


What does the NEW YEAR mean to you?  This was a brief conversation we had as a family as we traveled home  from our last Christmas celebration last night.  I have to admit, once the end of December draws near, there is a bit of a let down.  Life is quickly coming back to normal.  The kids start counting the number of days left of Christmas vacation as we take down the tree, the decorations, and the lights on the house.  They find a place for their Christmas gifts.  Fruits and veggies find their way back in to the meal time.  Or at least mom is making sure that’s what is being eaten.  The goodies, sparkling cider, fattening hot chocolate, and meals away from home begin to dwindle.  Basketball practice demands an earlier bedtime than the last 7 days have allowed.  Piano lessons linger and lessons have not been practiced.  Looking into the next few weeks, there is not the anticipation there once was the last few weeks.  I totally get that, I really do.

 New Year’s Eve has never been a very big deal to Steve or me.  I don’t think we’ve ever hosted a party.  Most of the time, I want my family all together as we bring in the New Year.  Most of the time, it is met with a fun meal, sparkling grape juice for the kids, champagne for us, movies, p0pcorn and toothpicks for Steve and I so we can see midnight–which at that time we all hop into bed.  It works for us.  And for this year, I am scheduled to maybe see one of the first babies born in 2013.  I may be sneaking a New Year’s kiss from another boy…of the baby variety.  Yep, that’s as crazaaayy as we get over here.  I can see that this is going to change in the next few years as the kids get older and want to do things with their friends on NYE.  In fact, I would love to host a party for my kids…when they start asking for it.  But for now, I’m waiting on them.


As eager as I am to get my Christmas up, I am JUST as eager to put it away once Christmas is over.  I still leave out some “wintery” type decor through the house.  I love it.  I keep lights and candles on—it is just a warm feeling. But the red and green and all things Christmas?  They have to go.  It is a chance to get some deep cleaning done as we put things away.  We generally rearrange furniture or things on the wall, just to be different.  Refreshing.  So by the time the kids are back in school, the house is ready to finish out the long remainder of the winter season.  And by the time March comes around?  We’re ready to think spring.  But not a minute sooner.  I can’t wait for a week of different soups, new ways to pack lunches for basketball games, and we are hoping for enough snow to have a sledding party with the four-wheeler!

Blessings Unlimited no doubt has recognized the “ho hum” of after the holidays.  MANY exciting things I have to tell you that I’ve held off sharing so we could all indulge fully in the Christmas season.   First and foremost…A BRAND NEW CATALOG!!!!  With a brand new catalog comes BRAND NEW PRODUCTS!!!!!   Would you like a sneak peek of some of my favorites??

Set of Three MerryHeart Spool Hooks44981  —Add a touch of rustic whimsy to your walls with these Spool Hooks…Small: laugh&be happy, Medium: sing with your whole heart, Large: A merry heart does good like medicine  

                                                               Rustic Block Set—Rugged and rustic lettered blocks spell out a variety  of foundational statements about your family, your home, or your faith.  “APPLE OF HIS EYE” , “JESUS LORD OF ALL”, “THIS HOUSE PRAYS”, “PEACE SWEET PEACE”, “I AM TRULY LOVED”, “WE ARE TRULY LOVED”, “ALL MY HEART & SOUL”


I can hardly wait to order this one…   Kitchen Caddy—beautiful and practical, this caddy adds elegance to your table…Message:  Our God, we give you thanks.  Handcrafted in India.


Ok, I can’t wait to order this either.  Praise Tray.  Handcrafted from Indain mango wood with jute-wrapped handles.  The hammered copper plate is a daily reminder of His blessings displaying “Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow”.  I seriously love this one.54426

FOR THE KIDDOS!!!  This is precious…Rooted in Faith 3-D Puzzle.  As they build the sturdy base and attach leaves, flowers, animals, and other items representing God’s creation, they become rooted in faith.  Scripture verses and inspirational pharases are included on many of the leaves and fruit.  I just received mine and am excited to get it out for Kourtney and Landon to put together!  Maybe a NYE activity tonight??54432

These are just a few of the new items.  There are many more I am just as excited about, but don’t want to overload you here today, including two new puzzle card sets–which as many of you know, are one of my favorite items!

Also, here is the best part of January….drum roll please…..DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS with a gathering this month!!!  You might remember when I show cased a lovely hostess and what she earned at her gathering in September with the double hostess rewards. You can check that out here.  In September I had13 gatherings.  It was awesome and so many people were blessed with awesome rewards…free product, and half-priced products.  I am ready to do it again!  Not sure if I can add more than 13 gatherings with basketball games twice a week, BUT, I am willing to try.  If you are interested in hosting a gathering, now is the time to contact me as my schedule is tight.  I don’t want you to miss out.  If you love these products as much as I do—this is the time to host.  New catalog, new products, and NEW hostess exclusive gifts.  Now you have 5 different to choose from!  It’s exciting.  And the guest promotion gifts for January?  Awesome.  I’m excited—can you tell?  Definitely NO HO HUM over here. 

If you are interested in hosting a gathering and getting DOUBLE the rewards for the month of January, contact me ASAP.  email , facebook, or call 620-386-0203. 


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