bless the loneliness…


I’m alone!  This feels weird.  This feels wrong, but oh so right…in fact, I would categorize this as a “day of recovery”.  Christmas vacation recovery, that is.  Even though I have crates lined up to be put back in storage, I am semi-satisfied about the way my house looks to begin the month of January and all its craziness.  “Semi” being the key word here.  And maybe after today, there will be some fullness to that.  We shall see.  I am learning not to set too lofty of goals.  I think that may be my new resolution.  Don’t set too lofty of goals. 

We had the good, the bad, AND the UGLY here this morning.  Let’s start with the good, ok?  I would like this to be a mostly positive post, because that is what I want to be as a person…mostly positive.  But–that is not always reality.  As is the case this particular morning.

THE GOOD!!!!  So here it is.  I made the best scrambled eggs ever—as my kids would say.  I can tell you, that if you know me at all, I have NEVER tried scrambled eggs of mine.  Most things that I cook, I have a very good idea of how they are going to taste–because–you know, I taste them.  But when it comes to eggs, egg casserole, french toast, meringue, or anything that uses eggs as the main ingredient?  I would have no clue.  I can not stand eggs. I mean seriously can not stand them.  The last time I remember eating scrambled eggs was when I was probably 3 years old.  I am not kidding.  Did my mom makes these for the majority of my meals up until them causing me an extreme aversion?  I don’t know. 

What I do know, is that I found a recipe that is supposedly amazing.  Nat told me “Mom, you really should try these.  They don’t taste like eggs at all!”.  What?!  Scrambled eggs that don’t taste like eggs?  The fact that they are scrambled eggs is enough for me to not try them.  So I didn’t.  But I am taking Steve and the kids’ word for it.  Would you like the recipe?

Scrambled Eggs (Mennonite style)

Whisk together 1/2 cup milk and 6 Tablespoons of flour

To that, add 6 eggs plus salt and mix thoroughly

Stir into a buttered frying pan and make scrambled eggs as you usually do

Don’t ask me.  I have no idea why these are so good.  I can only imagine that most things out of this new cookbook my mom got me for Christmas are going to be good.  Have you ever read the blog Mennonite Girls Can Cook I have before and now they have their own cookbook.  I’m going to be testing lots of recipes out on my family this month, so stay tuned. 

The first is a winner!  I wish I could say, after a nutritious, wholesome breakfast, I sent my four darling, happy, loving-life children out the door.  But that’s where it ends.  I should have just stayed with the eggs…



THE BAD!!!!!  I should have known.  I should have NEVER offered to curl anyone’s hair.  And believe me, it will be a long while before I offer again.  To protect those affected in this whole ordeal, I will not name names.  But I will tell you, it was NOT Landon.  Anyway, I get it.  I really do.  You want to feel good about the way you look.  That is just how we as girls and women are.  You feel good about the way you look, then your day is going to go good.  If not?  Well, unfortunately it can put a damper on your entire day.  If you let it.  It does not matter what I say.  You aren’t measured as a person on what your hair looks like.  OR, I love you even if your hair is straight or curly–you know that right?  Um, those things don’t help.  Didn’t help.  What was I thinking? 


THE UGLY!!!!  There is much ugliness to this morning.  One of my daughter’s would tell you straight up that the “ugly” today is her hair.  I will tell you that the “ugly” today was the interaction we had BECAUSE of the hair.  One that resulted in a daughter saying the word crap.  Word not allowed to be said by any of them…yet.  Although I know I have said it to all four of them.  Um, yes…I’m a hypocrite.   And I’m quite sure my teeny boppers say it with their friends.  But for now, it is not a word they are allowed to use.   Wondering if it made her feel better to say my mom did my hair like crap?  I’m guessing, yes.  But what really got her in trouble today was the use of the phrase shut up.  Definitely not allowed here.  I have definitely never told any of the four this.  Therefore, I do not expect to hear it.  But I did.  It was not said to me, but definitely loud enough for me to hear it.  Unfortunately for her, there is no ipod touch for an indefinite amount of time.  MoRE UGLY. 


I really don’t like when we have schizophrenic mornings like this.  I know all four went to school with an “I love you”.  They may or may not have all said it back to me.  And that’s ok.  I’m learning every day that I may not be their favorite person.  I’m not always going to be their friend.  I am quite sure of it.  But as long as they know they are loved–I am good with that.  The way I curl someone’s hair does not transfer love.  Good thing, huh?  Or I know she wouldn’t be feeling it today.  HA! 


Now, off to revel in my loneliness.  And to deal with perhaps the UGLIEST thing of all.  Dried on eggs in a pan…



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