this is the face.


We all need to be reminded of Jesus’ amazing love for us.   There are times we feel we don’t measure up.   We compare how God made us and the person we are with someone else.  The way they look, their ability in sports, how smart they are,  jobs, houses, churches…you name it.  It is neverending.  I see it so clearly with my girls at the ages they are–especially in junior high.  And even at Kourtney’s young age.  It is everywhere.  The constant need to keep up, to have the best, be the best, and strive for the best.  It is exhausting raising kids anyway.  And then add this to it?  And to know that I struggle with some of those same feelings too? 

I sometimes wonder if I (or we) are leading/teaching by example the true love Jesus offers to us all.  I don’t know if we are?  I don’t know if I am doing everything I possibly can to show my kids their worth, their value, their gift of themselves to this world? 

For Christmas this year, we got the girls these beautiful mirrors from Blessings Unlimited that were discontinued last summer.  I love them.  And loved them from the first time I saw them.  I knew I wanted the girls to have them in their rooms as a constant reminder of their worth and how much Jesus loves them.  In the mirror at the bottom are the words sketched in glass “this is the face of someone Jesus loves”.  They are beautiful.  What special words to wake up to and look at each day.  And that is what I am challenging them to do when they wake up in the morning.  Take a look.  Read what it says.  And believe it.  (now I just need Steve to hang the mirrors!)

Blessings Unlimited has come out with many new items as I have said.  This one, grabbed me right away.  Just another beautiful version of the promise of Jesus’ love to us all to be displayed in your home.  I don’t think you can get enough of this.  I think this needs to go in my bathroom and the girls’ bathroom needs one also. 


The Jesus Loves Me Pedestal Mirror is a whitewash finish with delicate detail measuring 16 1/2 inches high and 14 1/2 inches in diameter.  With the message…This is the face of someone Jesus loves…

I have loved you with an everlasting love.  jeremiah 31:3

These mirrors retail for $68.  By hosting a gathering, it would be amazingly simple to earn one or more of these for free or half-price.  I’d love to help you do that.  If you are interested, email ,call 620-386-0203, reply to this post, or comment on facebook.


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