An amazing Sunday, to say the least.  Met with a wide range of emotions.  For the last few months we have been worshiping in a new place.  A place that quickly became a new church home for our family.  Not easy.  Especially for our kids.  There has been heartache, a sense of loss, degrees of anger, excitement, and happiness all rolled into one.  While Steve and I have felt a strong call to help in the start up of a new way to do church, it has not been an easy road.  Every time we have felt overwhelmed, we will turn around and feel equally affirmed in the decision we have made.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions…

Yesterday, the church we are now attending made a mark in history.  They changed their name.  A few months ago my thoughts centered around and I wrote about what’s in a name.  You can read that here.  In an effort to reach more people, this congregation decided together to become a name that is welcoming and relevant to all.  And I can honestly say, welcoming is the most perfect word to describe Journey Mennonite Church. A hug as you walk through the door, calling you by your first name, and noticing when we miss a Sunday? Just a few of the ways we are welcomed. To be missed….wow.

As the church came together to celebrate a new name, as did our core group of people who will be reaching out as Journey in a new community as we were commissioned for the “mission field”. Is it scary? Yes. Is it exciting? Yes. Can just about every emotion be felt as we embark on this new “Journey”. No doubt.

I guess more than anything I am asking for prayer and God’s continual leading and guidance on this new “Journey” we have before us…


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  1. Wow Steph, how I can relate. A few years ago our church changed it’s name to Oak HIlls/Journey Fellowship, and no longer a Church of Christ in name. This caused more grief and people leaving than you can imagine. Sad. Our church prayed about it and only did it because they thought they could save more people if the denominational name that kept people away was gone. And, I do believe that was a good reason.
    On a different note, we just had the BEST sermon yesterday I have EVER heard on tithing in my life. It was a guest preacher – not sure how much I can write on here but check out our website – The guest preacher was Robert Morris I think – from Dallas or Fort Worth. He looks a little goofy 🙂 but he gave an AMAZING sermon. Think he wrote “The Blessed Life”? Anyway, I LOVE my church HOMES and I know you love yours too!

    PS: Please pray for our preacher Max as he has been asked to speak to 10,000 people at an event in the Sandy Hook community. He has been working on what to say…… (As one who has cried over this dozens of times I can only imagine the pressure….He and his family are amazing, grace-filled people – proud of them!)

    • Oh Tammy, that is so awesome! I will definitely check out that sermon. And we’ll be praying for your preacher. Wow, that is awesome he was asked to speak…he must be an amazing person. Like you! 🙂

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