guess I must have blinked.



Seriously.  How in the world did this happen?  My three girls are nestled in that picture along with their cousins.  And don’t forget their aunt!! (who looks exactly the same as she does now)

I can’t take it. I want to hold each one of them like I know I did that night 9 years ago when I put those little girls to bed. I can barely even lift my girls now. One is taller than me, the other getting close, and my baby girl? She can’t stand while I curl her hair anymore. Because I can’t reach.

Ok, kiddos.  It’s time to take it slower…seriously.

This was just yesterday.  I know it.  How did my 1, 4 & 5 year olds go from that to this…


*thank you God for health
*thank you God for happiness, then and now
*thank you God for togetherness
*thank you God for sisters
*thank you God for family
*thank you God for pictures that remind us be thankful…


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