if all else fails, ask the dog.


Sketches.  Five different sketches to be done by Monday.  This is what happens at our house most Sunday evenings.  We have an afternoon of lazy, and around 6:00 pm we start freaking out that we have “a ton of homework and instrument practicing to do”.  Nevermind the fact that all we heard was “how bored we are” all Saturday afternoon and evening…

Enter the dog.  Brinklee is her name.  And we finally found something useful for her to do.  Because most of her life is spent begging for food, barking at those who dare to walk past our house, drive past our house, or heaven forbid come to our door.  She was to be the subject of a sketch. 


Funny, she wasn’t cooperating oh so well.   Therefore, she was leashed up to our door as you can see in the picture.  At first, she was sitting oh so nicely…

Then, she had had enough.  And demonstrated that she really is a shih tzu, if you know what I mean…

Finally, Kassidy decides she has had enough.  And finds something else to sketch in her oh so irritated way.

Naughty Brinks.

It was quite humorous to me.  And brought a smile to my face.   In fact, it made me laugh hysterically.  And perfect timing for a meaningless, random post.


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