you know you’re old when…


It’s inevitable.  We are all getting older.   In fact, as I type, I am getting older and SO ARE YOU!  How does that make you feel?  Ha Ha!!  Just kidding.  Well, kind of.   I have come to this realization very strongly this week…

  • while at the grocery store, the young(er) cashier called me “ma’am”.
  • after being on the floor with the kids, I had to use two hands to get myself up.
  • bought Preparation H to use on my crow’s feet–don’t ask me, my mother-in-law recommended.
  • after drinking coffee through the night at work, I could not sleep.  the entire day.
  • at basketball games I am nervous going up and down the bleachers in front of people.
  • my girls asked me if I was really going to wear that?
  • before a shopping trip whether groceries or otherwise, my first stop is a bathroom.
  • steve and I look forward to watching the news together in bed.
  • comfy versus stylish has now become a question
  • at least a two day recovery turn-around after I work a night shift (perhaps it’s the coffee?)
  • home before 10 pm after a night out with friends
  • contemplating cutting bangs for the first time in years to cover up forehead wrinkles

And maybe the biggest sign that we are aging…

Ready for it?

We looked  forward to a day at the doctor’s office.   A date.  Doctor’s office.  Chipotle.  Starbucks.  And knee surgery scheduled.  What a blast!  Guessing our next “date”–surgery day, will be a bit more fun for me than it will be for Steve. 

Knee surgery makes it sound wayyyy bad.  It’s not that bad.  He just tweaked it somehow many months ago and will require a scope and “cleaning out”.  So don’t feel too sorry for him.  This has changed our lives hugely.  We love to
walk and work out together.  Both of which we have not been able to do in awhile.  And really, when it comes right down to it, the times we get to do those things together are some of our best times.  It’s the one thing we carve out daily to do together.  And I miss it.  A lot.  So, if surgery day is our next date?  So be it.  I know we’re getting old.  And really?  I kind of like it…


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  1. 50 and up have been the best years of my life!! I use to sit and dread getting older….but now I look forward to it….I have had an absolute blast seeing my grandchildren come into the world and playing with them without all the other responsibilities to tie one down that makes time an issue….I can play as long as they are here!! …..and then the anticipation of others on the way!! Yes, I know that knees may crackel, muscle may hurt, sight might give to a little blurriness and the mind may not be as sharp as time rolls on….but it’s all ok….because I’ve spent the best years of my life with those that I cherish the most and for the most part treated them as I would want to be treated….and now I can look back and see where teaching them what “relationship” is all about is paying off….and knowing that when my “time” comes that will pay off for me! HA! While the body ages and changes, the method of life changes too, the worries aren’t what they use to be and the time isn’t so important as it use to be….so I guess all in all things balance out! It is so true that age is what you make it to be…….Love your writings!!

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