and this is where I draw the line…


I know that when Steve is out of town, my kids are going to try to stay up later, try to sneak in my bed or convince me they need numerous things before going to bed.  I get that.  I really do.  And all of that happened just this last night.  What I didn’t expect was this…

Landon came out of his room this morning dressed for school wearing these socks.  Now, if you don’t already know or most likely experience this in your own home, SOCKS are a huge deal in this house.  Especially for Landon.  Anything funky, weird, or colorful—you name it, he wants it.  Honestly, SOCKS were on the Christmas list for every one of my kids.  And for Landon?  Pretty much it—besides football cards.  In fact, I devoted a whole post on SOCKS way back when.  Remember?  You can click HERE. to find out where how important SOCKS are to this family.  And now it seems there are two whole posts devoted to SOCKS.  Somebody help me. 

I am the easy one around here…normally.  I’ll let Landon do the neon green and pink.  But the baby blue snowflakes?  That is where the line was drawn.

Steve? You’re welcome.


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