wanna be a hero?


Alright.  Have you ever been left with a fridge WITHOUT milk?  Have you ever been left with a pantry WITHOUT cereal?  How about a toaster WITHOUT bread?  Now wait…what about 3 eggs left in a carton? 

Yes.  We do live in a town with its very own grocery store.  Yes.  I was in a town with a Walmart and a Dillons yesterday.  Yes.  I am lazy.

But sometimes in the midst of laziness a hero is born.  Been there?  Wanna know how?

Thank you to this book:

And my griddle.  And my 3 eggs.  And half and half (ok, so the recipe does not call for that, but out of milk–remember?) 

German Pancakes or as we call them around here–Flapjacks.  The answer to all of our breakfast prayers this morning.  My kids think I rock.  Bring on the topping of choice:  syrup, cinnamon and sugar, berries, jelly—and you’ve got yourself the title of hero.  I am living proof.  I think all four of them thanked me for breakfast this morning!  And to tell you I woke up pretty grumpy with a cough and runny nose and an eye half glued shut is NOT an understatement.


Steve’s grandma makes these a lot.  And she uses a slightly different recipe.  She’s got it down.  But these?  They were pretty darn good too.  So if you’re in a bind with little groceries, try this one out.  I think it would be a great “breakfast for dinner” combination with sausage and juice.  You know, for those of you who aren’t too lazy to get groceries…


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