what is your pharaoh?



The thing I LOVE about Children’s ministry, besides the children, of course, is the fact that you have to dig into the Bible and really know your stuff.  I am always amazed at the questions that kids have.  Detailed questions about the stories of the Bible and what they mean.  Sometimes, the only thing I know for sure is that the stories are true.  And sometimes, maybe more often than I’d like to admit, I have to say… “you know, I really don’t know the answer to that question–but I will find out!”.

We are launching Journey@McPherson THIS Sunday.  You know I was “kinda nervous” to get back into my Blessings Unlimited gatherings?  Well, that was NOTHING.  Nothing compared to  the knots I have in my stomach at this very moment about what is about to transpire this Sunday.  My main focus will always be Children’s Ministry—and children are so forgiving.  I think that is one of the reasons I gravitate towards this type of ministry–ha! 

 My ears are plugged, my nose is full, and cough drops are my nutrition of choice lately.  Oh, the hurdles that get in our way of an already challenging Sunday.  I truly believe that the launch of this church is NOT something the enemy wants to see happening.  In fact, I am sure Satan is doing absolutely everything in his power to throw stumbling blocks our way.  The constant questioning and doubt in my mind–I know are not from God.   I am doing my best to call on God’s triumphant rule over all anxiety and worry.  We know He will conquer all stumbling blocks put in our way.  We know that, but to really believe it is where our faith in the “journey” comes in…

I have been preparing for the bible story for this week.  Moses and the Burning Bush.  Honestly, I know the story.  And if I were to talk to the kids about it without delving any deeper than my knowledge right in the forefront of my brain, the story would be…God talked to and revealed himself to Moses through a burning bush.  That’s it. 

That is such a LITTLE BIT of it!  Oh my word.  To face Pharaoh—the king.  To beg and plead with him to let the Israelites go and deal with his unshakeable stubborness all the while feeling that you are not worthy or able to convince him that God is King.  To face the plagues–wow, I am telling you, if this land was covered with frogs, I would be in a corner sucking my thumb.  No doubt!  If I were Pharaoah, that would have been all it took.  Seriously gross! images

How awesome and scary it would be to have God talk to you through a burning bush.  And also to give you His power in a visible form of turning a staff into a snake and turning all water into blood to prove  and convince others that He is King.  I just can not imagine.  There are pharaohs out there.  And God is talking to us.  We are being asked to spread the love of God.  And you think Pharaoh was stubborn?  I know there are people who may need to see a miracle to believe.  Pharaoh definitely had that opportunity—and he still didn’t believe.  He was stubborn and through that blinded by the truth.  As we begin a new work for the Kingdom, the opportunity to reach others is great.  And to pray for softened hearts to hear and believe will be vital.  And the timing may not be our timing.  I love what my Bible says in the footnotes about the story of Moses and Pharaoh. 

Pharaoh freely chose a life of resisting god.  similarly, after a lifetime of resisting God, you may find it impossible to turn to him.  Don’t wait until just the right time before turning to God.  Do it now while you still have the chance.  If you continually ignore God’s voice, eventually you will be unable to hear it at all.

Isn’t that good?  What a challenge.  To listen for God’s voice and do what he says.  Just like Moses did.  Because if we don’t, we eventually may not hear it at all.   Interestingly ironic as I am sitting here with plugged ears… 

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