serving hearts, generations apart.


Perhaps the most overwhelmingly wonderful blessing of Journey@McPherson is service.  Serving is rewarding.  Serving is necessary.  Serving is relational.  And, serving is hard.  Serving is being asked of every person in some way that matches their gifts.  Serving as a core group of people to bring the good news of Jesus Christ is the mission.  And yesterday, we entered the mission field.

 Isn’t that the cutest Pharaoh ever????? 


Natalie and Kassidy have become our constant nursery and preschool workers during our Children’s hour.  Sometimes it’s hard when you’re in junior high to wake up early and serve—but that looks like a pretty real smile to me.   Wonder if this is shaping how many grandkids I will have one day? 

Every single person plays a part.  Our very youngest is just a few months old–and in just a few weeks we will be welcoming another little baby.  Obviously, the ” labor and delivery nurse” in me is over the top excited about this and is hoping there’s at least a handful of pregnancies a year…I’ll try not to be TOO obnoxious.

I’m going to skip a few generations to tell you about Miss Vera.  I have been trying to snag a picture of her—but she is so busy, it’s hard to catch her.  She and her husband, Dale, are the absolute most precious servants.  They stand alone in their age group.  True servants of the heart, they have helped in any way asked of them.  From setting up, teaching Kindergarten and 1st graders, to welcoming all, worshiping fully, and then tear down—they are giving everything of themselves.

Both are wonderful, but I’ve gotten to know Vera through the Children’s Ministry.  And I can not tell you how much of a blessing she is to me.  She is willing.  She is loving.  And I know the kids love her as much as I do.  She is seen here dancing and praising right along with the kiddos.  Is that not the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen?  Our children’s ministry is so blessed by the commitment of these teachers!  Wow!

  I am in awe.  I am in awe of her and Dale’s commitment to the development of Journey@McPherson after decades and decades of commitment to their home church in South Hutch.  I’m not sure I know many people that at this point in their lives would choose to do what Dale and Vera are doing.   They obviously believe in the mission of Journey Mennonite Church.  It exudes from their very being.   Their hearts are to spread the love of Jesus in “multi-sites”.  Dale and Vera are  servant role models. 

And we could not be more blessed.


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