february frenzy!


Mixed emotions today as my 8th grader played her LAST junior high “home” game.  Ugh.  I am beginning to wonder if I am just mental and need some therapy for the lumps in my throat that emerge at the thought of that.  What do you think?

With the basketball season beginning to wind down in the next couple of weeks, this means that I am going to have a bit more free time (at least until track starts).  Which means, I am ready to book, book, and book gatherings for Blessings Unlimited.  

Excited because I have a list of people to contact AND excited because new, great things are happening with Blessings.  New hostess exclusive priced items.  New guest promotion items:  CELEBRATE PLATE for $10 and PAISLEY APRON for $18 (now back in stock!!!).  And excited because I have added two new consultants to my team the last couple of months.  More of Blessings Unlimited and more of spreading the light and love of Jesus through the homes of many.  Welcome and THANK YOU, Sharla and Traci for joining the team…

If YOU are at all interested in joining my team, it’s a perfect time.  The BIG, BEAUTIFUL lazy susan I’ve talked about HERE ??  They are giving it to you for FREE.  But only if you join by January 31st.  I have been praying for wonderful women ( or men!) to join me in this mission.  Is it YOU I have been praying for?  I would love to talk with you about it. 

And if you just love the products?  Want to see the new products?  Need the NEW catalog?  Have a gathering!!  It is fun, I promise.  It is easy, I promise.  You will be blessed.  I promise.


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