and here we go again…


Hard to believe these are the same girls that cried their eyes out on the bus ride home from their league tournament.  And I have to admit, my eyes were teary too when I hugged my 8th grader after her LAST junior high basketball game.   Tears because it was her last game.  Tears because I was not ready to let go of watching my girls play together.  Tears because I looked down at my calendar and the months, weeks, and days are flying by and soon my oldest will be saying goodbye to middle school. 

And then I think how stinkin’ blessed I am to be present for all of this.   So many things could be different.  And I shutter when I let myself go there.  Steve and I have been given a gift.  And I’m guessing God would want us to celebrate in that—instead of mourning each passing stage.  So if you see me these next few months with a kleenex in my hand—please tell me to wipe the tears away and EMBRACE.  I obviously know that’s what I am supposed to be doing….but it doesn’t take too much to sidetrack me these days. 

It has been so much fun to see the friendships develop in the junior high.  And so fun to watch as they play together, cry together, and celebrate togetherAs hard as it was for these girls to hang up their jerseys, they are equally as excited to cheer on the boys to a Wildcat Championship here in a couple of days.  I felt like I was getting the girls ready for prom as they worked on deciding what they were and are going to wear to these games.   Curling hair and deciding what to put in their hair.  You’ve just gotta love junior high, don’t you?!  Memories in the making right here.


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