squelching my creativity.


So, it’s Wednesday.  I didn’t wake up eagerly looking for a new breakfast recipe to try, because…

It’s Christmas at our house!!!  Momma bought cereal.  And it’s all they could do to contain their excitement.  Seriously.  The irony here is this.  When the pantry has cereal, we want something different.  When we’re out of cereal–I get creative and the kiddos nag and nag for me to buy cereal the next time I’m at the store.  When we get the cereal after not having it for a couple of weeks?  Well, you can see in this picture.  Wonder how long this will last?


Never fear, I still am posting a new recipe that I tried yesterday from the very infamous P-Dub. (The Pioneer Woman, if you didn’t know).  I had (and maybe have?) a mild obsession with her a few years ago causing me to try her recipes and blog about them.  It was fun while it lasted, but as our lives began to spin out of control crazy, it was all I could do to just feed the family, let alone blog about it.  And, we also entered into a “pack sandwiches most of the week” kind of lifestyle and so new recipes were kind of on hold.

I had a pork roast that needed to be used and I had seen the Spicy Dr. Pepper Pork and slaw.  Check hereihttp://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/06/pork-sandwiches-with-cilantro-jalapeno-slaw So after grabbing boxes of cereal, I added to the cart what I needed to make this recipe for dinner last night.  Beware!  It is 


The gist of the recipe is a pork butt, Dr.Pepper, and adobo peppers. Depending on your preference can determine if you put a whole or half of the can of peppers.
I put the whole can in….oops!

We had Steve’s parents over for dinner and the second I sampled the meat as I was shredding it, I knew it was going to be more than my mother-in-law could take. She is not much for spicy food. But, the rest of the family loved it and say it’s a keeper. The cole slaw kind of cut the heat and was surprisingly a nice combination.

PW says this same meat is great for a Mexican theme too–which is happening with the remainder of the meat. Tomorrow. And if they buck about it? We’ve got cereal!

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