I told you last week that I would devote a post to why I love Blessings Unlimited Celebrate Plate so much…so here you go!


Way back in 1996 Steve and I were married.  At that time, besides the big hair wonky bangs and bologna roll curls, wedding dresses with big bows on the butt, wide veils, and burgundy lipstick—the gift of a You are Special Today red plate was very popular. 

Anyone else have this in your home?  Anyone?  Anyone?  At almost every gathering I hold, when I talk about that plate—there is most likely someone who has it in her home.  Mine is sitting in my china cabinet right this very minute.  And I love it.  I was always going to go back through my guest list and gift list and see who it was that gave me this special plate for our wedding.  I would love to know.

I never really used the plate because I was that type of girl—didn’t want to use my things.  Always saving it for the perfect occasion.  Oh I have learned to embrace life differently now.  And that started when I first began to have kids.  Enter the special red plate to be used on your birthday!  So much fun and the kids loved it.  Then…

September 06 037

I heard a speaker at a MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group talk about that very plate.  And do you know what she did each day with that plate?  You are going to love this!!!   Each evening for the meal one person in her family would get this plate at their place.  No one knew until they sat down who exactly would be getting this plate.  No, it wasn’t their birthday—it was this mom celebrating the characteristics she saw in her children throughout the day that she wanted to see in her children.  Perhaps they opened the door for someone at the grocery store?  Shared their favorite toy with a sibling?  Said please or thank you? (especially when they are really young and you’re trying to teach this), Or perhaps a compliment was heard about that child?  They did chores without griping or even randomly on their own?  Had great grades or are showing improvement at school?  The possiblities are endless.  And my love for this idea and use of the plate grew after listening to this “mom” talk to us about using her plate.   Mostly, because I love how she is fostering love from her to her child, good manners and the heart of Jesus in her children, AND also a way to engage her children in conversation in a positive way while having dinner.  Love, love, love it.

Summer 06 009

I will admit, I didn’t and haven’t done well with implementing this in our life.  I joke that we have to be HOME for dinner for this to even work!  But, as a young mom—this challenge was very motivating and life-giving to me.  And I wanted to pass it along to each of you.  It’s a beautiful way to make someone feel special—young OR old.

Blessings Unlimited’s rendition of this plate grabbed me from the very first time I started looking at their products.  And I knew I would be telling this story to encourage others at my gatherings.  In fact, I was telling this story at a gathering last fall and THE VERY MOM who spoke to us at MOPS was sitting around my table.  I had forgotten who it was and after telling the story—we both looked at each other and it clicked at the same time for both of us!  That was so fun!  Just another way I see God through these Blessings gatherings.  I know it blessed her to know that I was blessed by her speaking to me many years ago at the one MOPS meeting.

So there you have it.  THAT is why I love this plate so very much.  And you know you can love this plate too for an amazingly discounted price through the month of February.  Normally priced at $26 (which is waaayyy cheaper than the You are Special Today Plate) you can get the CELEBRATE PLATE for $10!!!  All you need to do is place a $40 order and you qualify. 

This plate is perfect for a wedding gift.  Really—that is where it all began for me with that red plate back in 1996…

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