whoa nelly…


The buzz around these parts…a BIG, HUGE, WINTERY STORM is on it’s way!!!  To say I am dreading it, would be SO VERY UNTRUE.  Me and the rest of the county shopped at Dillon’s to make sure we had everything we needed in case we would be snowed in.  Because being stuck in at our house without milk would be bad, really bad.  Especially with all of the cereal we have here to eat. 

This doesn’t happen often here in the heart of the heartland.  Not like it used to.  So, we are acting like Texans!  ha—that’s a joke, my Texas friends and family!  I love you.

I will never forget  such wise words spoken from a friend of mine a couple of years ago in regards to impending weather that was causing everyone to SLOOOOWWWW  DOWN.  The weather was keeping everyone at home and people were struggling with the thought of it.  In an email he said to me “I am thanking God for this weather which is forcing me to slow down.”  Isn’t that just an awesome statement?  I love it.

Our family is so guilty of running from one thing to the next.  All of them good things, and some are even not our choice, it is the life we live in this culture with four kids going to school.  Church is busy.  Work is busy.  Again, all good and necessary things—but they keep us busy.

I am looking forward to weather demanding that I stay home the next couple of days.  I’ve been excited about all of the things the kids and I have been planning to use up their vacation days from school.  ( we are already OFF of school—which they are already complaining how unfair it is–ha!).  And now, it looks (you never know if a big storm will really come) like we may be cozying up to the fire with no place to go.  Is this God giving us a mandatory break?  Is God saying “Whoaa, Kaufman’s…it’s time to slow it on down.  Enjoy each other with nothing to do, no place to go, and nothing to worry about for a few hours”?  I am choosing to look at it this way, like my friend did a couple of years ago.  God handing us a gift of slowing down.


Take a look at this picture.  I posted it in December after an exciting snow.  Do you see God?  I never realized until a friend pointed it out to me.

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