the great debate.


Tell me, did you get a “slow day” yesterday?  And today?  Yes?!  Or are you one of the many who has a job that doesn’t stop regardless of the weather?  Today, I am thanking God so much for taking care of me and our family.  Steve was scheduled to be gone for most of this week, including yesterday and today on a business trip.  Because of this trip, I did not schedule myself to work, which usually, I am either on call or working Thursdays and Fridays.  Steve did not have to go!  And I was not scheduled or on call for the hospital.  So thankful.  God was and is taking care of all the 1

Speaking of details… I believe I am just not what you call a “puzzle” person.  I love getting my kiddos around the table to work on a project.  Usually, this brings about some of the best conversation.  However, yesterday, my two oldest were at their grandparents–so our stranded at home day just included Kourt, Landon and I.  These precious kids got all bundled up FIVE different times throughout the day.  Each time lasting for a minimum of 30 minutes (which is a long time as far as I’m concerned).  Kourt came in with the reddest cheeks and icicles hanging from her hair.  And that was it.  They were both ready for some hot chocolate and a new activity.  Thankfully, I had both.  Hot chocolate made with leftover Halloween candy.  Ever tried it?  Works best with mini Mars bars or caramel  kisses melted over the stove with milk and half and half.  Try it sometime.  Great way to use up candy and make a yummy hot chocolate.  And a PUZZLE!! 


Blessings Unlimited has the coolest puzzles ever.  And this new 3-D one?  I couldn’t wait to try it with the kids.  Turns out, I am just a bit puzzle inadequate.  I knew this after my last experience putting a puzzle together, and this 3-D puzzle–completely confirmed that.  Don’t let it scare you.  I just am not that good at puzzles…truly.  But, I did get it done.  And it is so awesome.  I just love it —and it’s especially good for older kids.  Kourt and Landon got a bit frustrated as we were trying to figure things out, but once it was done, it just completely rocks.  I have a gathering next week and I can’t wait for the guests to see it.  I should have put it together a long time ago.  Although it will not transport well.  It’s huge. 

So anyway, that took up most of my afternoon until supper time.  Snow Ice Cream was on the menu–just as it was for many others.  And I’m doing a little experiement between recipes, because I need something to do besides laundry and wiping up wet floors from tracked in snow. 

First up.  A recipe from a sweet friend of mine.  It is yummy.  We made it last year and it’s worth your 4

Snow Ice Cream Recipe #1

6 cups of fresh clean snow

1 TBSP Instant Vanilla Pudding Powder

1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

Splash of vanilla

Mix all together in a big bowl.  Cover and place bowl in the snow for 1 hour.

Add 4 more cups of snow.


Like I said, this recipe is a winner.  And now in talking with another friend of mine, I am intrigued by her recipe also.  And when I did a search, Paula Dean has the exact same one.  Our bellies were too full last night to sample Recipe #2—so that’s on the menu for tomorrow afternoon’s snack.  I’ll give you all the details after we figure out our favorite.  Wonder how many more recipes there are out there?  Looks like we have plenty of snow to try them all…photo 2

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