gimme a break.


What a nice little vacay we have had!  Sledding, snow ice cream, hot chocolate, puzzles, movies, laundry, basketball, french toast, chili, chicken noodle soup, cinnamon rolls and bread, online shopping (shhhh, don’t tell the dad!)…and then?  Repeat.  And repeat once more.  And hold on…we get another day.  What?  Chili?  AGAIN?!

Seriously have loved this EXXXXTRA long weekend we’ve had.  Lots of time spent with each other and family.  Special weekend at church with Journey@McPherson’s very first baby dedication!  Too beautiful—the baby, the family, the whole gosh darn thing.  I just love it.   As I was preparing for this week in Children’s ministry and the baby dedication, I came a cross the most perfect blessing for each and every one of us.  It’s from one of my now favorite authors, Holley Gerth.  She just has a beautiful way of saying just what needs to be said.  I bought her journal from  Blessings Unlimited and was excited to see that each page is laced with her beautiful writing and bible verses.   I was just thumbing through it and came across this…

You are God’s powerhouse.  Go light your world in your own wonderful way”.  I am amazed by these words.  Another “take” on being the light of the world.  And being created uniquely to fulfill a purpose that only you can fill.  Perfect, really, for each one of us.

God's Heart Companion Journal

On to the chili.  Raise your hand if you made chili during these snow days?!  Yes, I did.  The weather just screams chili.  And my kids screamed when they heard I was breaking out the chili for the, you guessed it…THIRD time in the last few days.  They have done a really good job of eating leftovers as we have been creative with the many meals we have shared together.  I have linked up this sweet gal’s blog before because of her recipes and I am doing it again.  Tonya at 4 Little Ferguson’s   shared this recipe for using up leftover chili.  And it was a hit over here!!  The kids loved it and it almost used up all of my 3rd round of chili.  Thank you, Tonya!  Nachos Supreme rocked the “4 little Kaufman’s” and left them smiling and most unknowing that they had just eaten chili again.  {click HERE for recipe}

I decided to get creative since I had a bit of chili leftover yet again and filled tortillas with the chili and cheese sauce and froze them for another time.  Like probably a few weeks down the road.  I don’t think I’ll be able to fool them again this week.


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  1. Thanks for linking up, Steph! I am so glad you all liked the Nacho Supremes. Praying for another snow day tomorrow!!!! 🙂 I love having us all at home together. Today we did Salt Sculptures today and they are ready to paint. The recipe is linked up on my facebook page if your 4 little Kauffman’s would be interested. Fun for big kids and small kids alike! 😉 Hugs, T

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