this is the real me.


You know I am a sap.  Right?

I am sitting here in my dark, quiet house after returning home from a meeting.  Pretty sure the phone will stay silent tonight with no calls for a snow day in the morning.  My little two were up in time for school because we put them to bed before the call came.  And wouldn’t you know it?  Landon, who we struggle to get dressed, ready, and out the door on time each school day—woke himself up, got dressed–shoes and all–and was happy and cheerful preparing for school.  The only problem was?  There was no school. 

The “real” me was getting frustrated this morning.   It was like pulling teeth to get anyone to help out—whether it was cleaning up the kitchen, practicing piano, taking the dog out, putting clothes away, or picking up their rooms.  Just one of those difficult days as a mom. 

We needed out of the house and the faster the better.  We conquered our cabin fever with a Pizza Hut lunch date with Dad–and a special bonus to find Grandpa and Grandma a few booths across the restaurant.  A basketball “hoops” play date with some friends, and then on to this…


This seems to be the thing to do this year of the snow fort.  Maybe because we actually got enough snow to do something with it?  I don’t know.  But I do know, it brought my kids together.  There was not fighting (at least what I could tell).  And the sweetest cherry on top?  Dad made it home with enough light outside to lend a hand in the building. 


The “real” me today was ready to
send them back to school and bring back the lost routine.  The “real” me decided cleaning with these kids at home all day was pretty darn pointless and didn’t do it at all today.  The “real” me is now ready for the snow to disappear magically without the slushy, muddy aftermath. 

And, the “real” me is sitting here wishing it was last week again when the snow came through.  The “real” me is sad to see this little blessing of family time end.  The “real” me would do a happy dance if that snow day call came again tomorrow.    The “real” me doesn’t want that fort to ever melt away…

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