building the glory days…


I will admit, I am a die hard Jayhawk, through and through.  Hey—it’s where I got my degree!  And if you have ever experienced Jayhawk basketball at Allen Fieldhouse, you would see where the heart of the University lies.  It is an amazing experience!  ROOOCCCCKkkkk CHAALLLKKKK JAYYYYHAWWWKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKK UUUUUUUUUUUU!  All you who know what I’m talking about just sing that in your head?

AND, I will admit that I LOVE going to Bramlage coliseum in Manhattan to the “Home of the Wildcats”.  Can I take you back a few 20 years or so? 

A 2A State Championship—1991.  Moundridge High School.  Both boys and girls.  A week none of us will forget if you happened to be in high school, either as an actual player, in the pep band, as a cheerleader, a parent, coach, sponsor or fan.  In fact, we had so many state basketball appearances that Bramlage became known as the “Home of the Moundridge Wildcats”…or so we thought.  {smile}  As I was sitting at the tournament championship games tonight, my thoughts flooded back to my junior year in High School and Steve was a senior.  The last final moments of the game I was holding his mom’s hand as we were cheering them on.  And fast forward our lives to see where we are now is just so crazy.  Wow!

Tonight we got to experience once again a Sub-State Championship for both our High School boys and girls.  Extra doubly sweet to send both teams.  Some schools may never experience sending one team, but two?  Exciting for sure.  I just have to think back and then think of these teams as they prepare.  The excitement, joy, and hard work that is yet to come.  And it is sure to be something they will not soon forget.  At the very least, for 20 years or so.



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  1. Thanks for taking me back to the memories Steph! It was incredible – and will be for everyone this year also. I did notice you didn’t post a picture of the girls team (yourself) ……. I will tell you on Friday I watched you receive your state medal on the video – I think you’ve changed just a little bit. 🙂 Fun times ahead this next week.

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